The mural moves. The painting on the Angel depicts helping people who suffer not only during the war


Streetart’s painting, located a hundred steps from the entrance to the Andl metro station, depicts helping people suffering not only during the war, but sometimes even after the end of the conflict. In most cases, a lot of ammunition is lost, the fields are mined, and the area is in danger even several years and decades after the war.

We have been hearing a lot about public conflicts in the last few months. With this work of art, we are trying to show one of the specific, often very crushing aspects of the impact of the wolf on the civilian population, which is not often realized. In my opinion, it is a very powerful painting and at times reflects the reality and complexity of humanitarian and medical aid, but also the hope that I pin to the patients, to Sylva Horkov, editor of the esk office of Lka bez borny.

Quick start time
In the editorial office of the Metro newspaper, we were interested in the fact that the person behind the Smoch mural decided to inform the media about the painting only in person. Naasov has a reason, according to them. If the painting as such would have been finished in December, we wanted the technical side born of virtual reality, explains Tereza Wyn Haniakov, a representative of the Laka bez border press department, adding that the painting was found in Andla in December. And now a special QR works, with its help the painting can be expanded with the help of a mobile phone.

It took several months to prepare the draft of the painting last year. The street art itself was prepared for about those weeks.

We also had to work on creating a new reality in this painting. Passers-by can scan a QR code and the painting will essentially turn into such an animation. The more clearly depicted darkness, describes the street art artist Chemis and explains that in order for a street painting to evoke something in people, it must appeal to them in the first place. It’s not a painting that you have in your closet at home, that you can look at for hours, it’s about looking for a hidden meaning, added Chemis, according to which this style of art must hit the eye of the studio in the shortest possible time to convey its message.

Eleven thousand operations
In any country where Lkai is without borders, the medical system there does not have the capacity to offer the possibility of reconstructive surgery, which would allow patients to return to normal life after a stroke. One of the exceptions is, for example, the Jordanian city of Amman, where health workers have experienced conflict in Syria, Ireland and Yemen.

Five of the local team are orthopedic surgeons, one plastic surgeon and a specialist specializing in operations on the abdominal cavity and other injuries. Over the past ten years, more than eleven thousand operations have been performed, and that’s about half the number of patients.

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