A man must pay 400,000 in damages to the wife he smelled too bad

A man must pay 400,000 in damages to the wife he smelled too bad
A man must pay 400,000 in damages to the wife he smelled too bad

At the end of January, the Turkish media reported on the unusual case of a woman, referred to only by the initials AY. She filed for divorce in court because her husband only showered once every few days, wore clothes that were five days old, and brushed his teeth no more than twice a week and he was constantly perspiring profusely.

The court in Ankara granted her request and its verdict is final, according to the Turkish website Sabah. In addition, he ordered the man to pay his ex-wife compensation in the amount of 500,000 Turkish liras (approximately 380,000 crowns).

“Spouses must fulfill the responsibilities of living together,” the woman’s lawyer, Senem Yilmazel, told Turkish media. In his opinion, one party has the right to ask for a divorce whenever cohabitation with a partner becomes unbearable. “We all have to be careful in our interpersonal relationships. And that’s why we have to pay attention to our cleanliness,” he explained.

Colleagues at work also complained

Several of their mutual friends and even colleagues from the husband’s job confirmed in court that the wife’s complaints were justified. They also stated that his foul body odor made working with him pure misery.

It was then possible to read from the court documents that the husband’s hygiene habits were indeed quite lax. According to witness statements, he showered only once every seven to ten days, brushed his teeth at best only twice a week, and didn’t worry about clean clothes either.

The man must pay his ex-wife back for housework. It makes five million

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