Within three years, Prague wants to have over a thousand lamps with the possibility of charging electric cars


Charging station at the public lighting mast in Vinohrady. Photo source: THMP

Last year, over 200 public lighting poles in the metropolis were modified so that they could be equipped with charging stations for electric cars. This year’s plan envisages a doubling of their number, by the end of 2026 Prague should have more than a thousand, and in 2030 already 4,500. The Technology of the City of Prague company, which is in charge of the modifications, informed about this.

The modernization of lamps to so-called EVR masts with the possibility of charging is taking place in residential areas, last year, for example, in Kobylisy, Bohnice, Dvorce, Vršovice, Vinohrady and Velká Ohrady. Charging stations installed on EVR lamps have a power of up to 2x 22 kW.

In the pilot project, at the end of 2022, 13 charging stations with a total of 25 places were installed in Vinohrady in Prague 2, specifically in Moravská, Korunní, Chodská, Kladská, Slezská and Slovenská streets.

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According to the THMP, a total of 55 EVR lamps appeared in Prague last year, in addition to Vinohrady, also in Prosek, Vokovice, Kamýk, Háje and Černý Most.

“Prague 2 has always been a pioneer in the introduction of Smart Cities elements, together with Pražská energetika we started building a network for recharging electric cars years ago. The development of electromobility ultimately showed that there is a need to continue increasing the capacity of charging stations,” said the Deputy Mayor of Prague 2 for the Environment, Construction and Territorial Development, Jan Recman (ODS).

Through the THMP, the Prague municipality will this year provide approximately 219.1 million crowns for the reconstruction of public lighting connected with the installation of technologies for the future installation of lamps with charging stations for electric cars. Prague councilors approved the use of the money on Monday in January. Last year, the city invested 120 million crowns in the project. As part of this investment, 1,026 masts and lamps will be built in Prague, of which 239 will be EVR lamps.

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According to the medium scenario of General for the development of charging infrastructure, which was approved by the General Council. city ​​of Prague in February 2021, it is estimated that in 2030 there will be approximately 180,000 electric cars on the streets of Prague. It will therefore be necessary to build at least 4,500 charging stations in the city by then.

“It is definitely desirable to increase the number of charging stations by all available means,” Prague councilor Michal Hroza (TOP 09) said in January.

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