Chomutov futsal players robbed Hana of nine goals. Klima gave four pieces


Two victories in a row since the close defeat in the derby with Kadání 5:6. The futsal players of the first league newcomer from Baník Chomutov, after the valuable scalp of Slavia Prague, extracted three points also at Haná, where they were waiting for the last team in the table from SKUP Olomouc and beat them 9:2.

Contentment reigns in futsal club Baník Chomutov.

| Photo: FC Baník Chomutov

At the same time, after halftime, the Hanáci were still in the game. They lost only 0:2 in the first half, when Daniel Klíma scored twice for North Bohemia. He completed a clean hat-trick just two minutes after the start of the second act and then added the fourth goal in the match. In total, in the second half Chomutova scored seven of them and came away with a clear win.

“The first half was hectic, unfortunately we adapted to the opponent’s game and that brought us down. We can be glad that luck was on our side. We were also supported by the great Honza Nejedlý, who intercepted dangerous counterattacks. In the second half, we improved our movement and finishing and we deservedly take three points,” assessed man of the match Daniel Klíma, whose team secured fifth place in the elite league table.

Source: Diary/Václav Veverka

“We played a great first half, but unfortunately we didn’t manage to build on it. We didn’t convert the lay-out and overnumbering. We got goals after our individual mistakes. Our boys from the junior team put in an excellent performance, for which these matches are a great experience. We have to prepare properly in Ústí,” said Olomouc PR manager Jakub Řičica.

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