Politicians use the school’s consent to publish children’s photos, parents protest

Politicians use the school’s consent to publish children’s photos, parents protest
Politicians use the school’s consent to publish children’s photos, parents protest

What I find completely unacceptable is the fact that the addresses where the children can go are often listed there. She explained that she sees the situation as a risk and a completely unacceptable level of competence performed by the function.

Her apprehension about the comparative privacy of her children is echoed by many other mothers who have described their experiences on social media. In order to photograph someone, we first need their consent. Apart from the fact that it is a holiday, it requires compliance with the conditions and the law, said Pavel Matjek, lecturer and consultant in cyber security.

At the beginning of the school year, the children’s legal guardians must fill out the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) form and give their consent to the insurance and use of non-illustrated images. Watch the song teachers so that a child does not get into the army, his parents did not give their consent, said Jaromra Pavlkov, editor of the mothers’ wheel Revolun.

The situation is different, if a representative of the resident, a certain politician from the local town hall is invited to the event, or there is a special event of organized town halls outside the mother’s circle. After that, a professional photographer is in charge of the owner, that is, the third party for whom the bike is not responsible.

Let’s assume that the professional knows how to publish photos in the frame of the presentation of the bike and the rider, or not on their official website. When the photo is being taken in the circle, the teachers will make sure that there are no children in the group for that party who do not have consent, at all events outside the circle, it is under arrest, added Pavlkov. However, the so-called party does not consider the politicians who represent the town hall, i.e. their owners, to be the first party.

Consent for each individual

One of the representatives of Prague who regularly posted photos of children from cycling events on his personal Facebook profile is the councilor for culture and cycling in Prague 1, David Bodeek (unaffiliated, elected for Pirty).

He derives it from the fact that the meetings of other institutions are part of his work schedule, and when the picture is shared, it is based on the implied general consent.

Throughout the year I present various bicycle activities on the Facebook social network, which is a fully informed function for the public. I will stop the view that it is the town hall’s duty to inform the public, including visual communication. I always wonder if I can publish a photo from the event, commented the reaction of the Bodeek family.

Subsequently, he proposed a preventive measure, that when filling out the questionnaire on parental consent to the publication of photographs of bicycles, there should also be a column of consent/disagreement with the publication on the head of the institution.

However, according to the expert, even a column stating that photos can be provided to these parties as part of promotion is not enough.

This third party would have to be specifically defined in the document, and in their case parents would have to give their consent separately, shared Josef Btrla, the first person who specializes in data protection and GDPR.

pins have different access

If I give consent to only one of these subjects, it does not automatically mean that I have given consent to the other subject. From the point of view of the GDPR, wheels would have to have not only consent to post the photo, or use it on their website, but also consent to the owner. But don’t worry, added Btrla.

According to the editorial office of the MF DNES, some politicians limit the amount of money in some cases, while in others it is a common practice. In recent days, the photo of the politician was criticized by the families of children in Prague 2.

If all the rules are followed, it is possible for her to share photos on social media with the bike’s consent. However, this does not automatically mean that anyone else can freely work with such a photo and use it for their own promotion. According to Btrla, such an action should be in conflict not only with the GDPR, but also with the protection of personality and privacy, which is provided by the Obana Law.

If a situation arises where a picture is made public based on the consent given, the parent has the option to revoke the consent at any time and request the removal of the photo and video, added Btrla.

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