After delays, the electronic application system for secondary schools opened


After delays, the electronic application system for secondary schools opened late on Friday. On Thursday morning, the planned launch of Cermat stopped at the last minute due to problems with uploading attachments and subsequent security verification, for which he faced criticism. Applicants and their parents have the opportunity to submit applications until February 20, the Minister of Education Mikuláš Bek (STAN) will decide on a possible extension of the deadline in the following week, according to the ministry. The director of the state organization Cermat, Miroslav Krejčí, told ČTK earlier that roughly 120,000 applicants are expected to study at the secondary school.

The opening of the system during Friday evening Krejčí promised during the day. He advised that it would only be after the evening news on TV. According to Krejčí, the announcement in the main news that the system is running could cause an overload of the Citizen Identity System (NIA), which verifies the identity of applicants. The director of Cermat assumed that on Friday people would log into the system more out of curiosity, but they would not immediately submit applications.

In the evening, the Ministry of Education advised study applicants and the public to spread out the submission of applications or testing the functionality of the system until the entire upcoming weekend. “The time or date of submission of the application within the application interval does not play a role and does not affect admission,” the office reiterated.

Thursday’s postponement of the launch of the login system was criticized especially by representatives of the parliamentary opposition. They talked about the responsibility of Minister Bek. He stated that he does not want to make personnel changes in Zermatt yet. Krejčí said he was not going to resign.

Friday’s tests of the login system, conducted for security reasons, did not reveal any problems, Krejčí said in the afternoon. As of Friday, the system is open to applicants and legal representatives, according to Cermat representatives, directors will receive access within the next week to submit paper applications. Zermatt, the Ministry of Education and also school associations advised parents to remain calm and wait for electronic registration.

According to the earlier statement of the Minister of Education Mikuláš Bek (STAN), how long the deadline for applying to secondary schools will be extended depends on how much the opening of the electronic system is delayed. According to Krejčí, Cermat will prefer not to extend it, because it only has two to three days to spare in the production schedule for the entrance exams. Submitted applications will be able to be modified or replaced with new ones until the end of their submission. It should also be possible to apply for secondary school in the so-called hybrid form, i.e. by filling in the electronic system with a printout of the document, which must then be handed over to the school.

The electronic system was created with the aim of simplifying the process of admission to secondary schools and reducing the chaos that accompanied it in previous years. Compared to previous years, administration with registration slips and appeals, among other things, will be eliminated. According to the ministry, this year, up to 106,000 ninth-graders of primary schools and tens of thousands of other applicants should apply to secondary schools, for example those interested in multi-year grammar schools, secondary school students who want to change majors, or adult applicants who are interested in distance or evening studies.

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