Do they want money? We’ll walk. After a month, public transport passengers in Teplice must pay

Do they want money? We’ll walk. After a month, public transport passengers in Teplice must pay
Do they want money? We’ll walk. After a month, public transport passengers in Teplice must pay

The commissioning of the check-in system certainly brought joy to both city leaders and software suppliers. However, the reactions of the passengers were not so clear-cut.

Hey, he wants money! Mom, I’m paying in trolleybuses, my son called out to his mother, who was at the bus stop with the rest of the family, upon boarding the trolleybus. Does it pay? So let’s go, the mother replied to her son.

At another stop above the public transport interchange, a middle-aged man appeared. They could let you ride under it for free. It works in some cities, for example in Litomice. A friend who lived there praises it very much, said Mr. Rudolf.

The gentle, wise attitude of a senior woman who goes shopping by trolleybus. It was paid twice, it will be paid again. He doesn’t even dig for free, said Mr. Eva. The main thing is that it drives. I wouldn’t be able to stand it, she added.

Mr. Jaroslav doesn’t mind being paid like that, but he is dissatisfied with the fact that the navigation board and salt do not work on the trolleybuses. Riding Teplice public transport is still an adventure. When did u start paying, they could add this as well. But now it looks like a digital right, he was angry.

The system did not work for months

Transport in the city has been started since the New Year by Municipal Transport Teplice, the whole of January people traveled for free due to the malfunctioning check-in system, the Mikroelektronika company supplied the system and the 1st tunnel.

As for the check-in system, there are no problems, check-in is done, card payments also work. Even ofi are struggling with it. On the one hand, we are glad that it came out on the weekend, because everyone can touch it. We’ll see how it looks on Monday, and there will be heavy traffic, added Hadviga. According to him, the contractor was concentrating on the implementation of the check-in system, and for its non-functionality, he was threatened with the highest sanctions. As the mayor’s deputy could not estimate their age, according to him, the county would have to send them.

While the check-in is working, when it is out of service, create info panels in the second car, which should display the number of lines and the final station. According to Hadviga, it works roughly like an aunt’s car. Mikroelektronika promised that the rest would be operational in the fifth week. But they had to order something from 10 trolleybuses, they promised it within 14 days, she said. The big thing is that those ten public transport vehicles still have to drive with pepper signs indicating the line.

City transport was connected by the city

Until last year, Teplice only owned cars and trucks, and the city’s public transport was operated by Arriva City, from the New Year it was taken over by the city’s transport company, its establishment was approved by the representative in December 2021. Clem, according to the city’s leadership, was to provide a better service for citizens and to have the opportunity to do business how to influence However, the launch of the new carrier was hampered by problems caused by the undersupply of the handling equipment, which received the certification of the Department of Transport of the Regional Transport Authority of the Steck Region on Thursday.

The new check-in system accepts cash, payment cards, ipov DK cards and the DKapka application. It’s down to a total of five weeks, which is very summery. At the same time, we communicated with the customer and worked intensively to ensure that the project could be launched as soon as possible. In addition to the ordered equipment, we delivered software equipped to the pre-sales staff, including contactless IP cards. At the same time, we bypassed the operator, stated the general editor of Mikroelektronika Michal Satrapa.

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