In May, the strong will gather in Most to help – for the fourth time already!


Where strength does not help, greater strength will help! And so, for the fourth time, strongmen from all corners of the Czech Republic and Slovakia will meet in Most with the intention of helping. The event grows every year, and this year already opens the door to a sports festival with its content and size. In addition to the bench press and deadlift competitions, this year there will also be a strongman competition, a number of interesting exhibition performances and attractions, as well as a concert!

In 2023, Pohárovka significantly improved the life situation of the disabled Pavlík and his father, an incredible 332 thousand crowns were collected for the purchase of a new Hyundai car including a homologated child safety seat. In 2022, it was less than 270 thousand crowns for the suddenly paralyzed young Ládík from Most.

This year there will be a raffle for the immobile couple Lukáš and Verča. Lukáš was left paralyzed in half of his body after an accident in 2018, and Verča became a quadriplegic after experiencing cerebral palsy in childhood. Lukáš takes care of Verča, and even in their unfavorable life situations, they both try not to lose their perspective and smile. However, they absolutely need to improve their housing, the current one is full of very difficult obstacles for them and we simply cannot leave them there!

Applications for the Cup and more information about how you can help or contribute even if you don’t want to or can’t compete can be found on the organization’s Facebook profile.

The 2024 Cup will take place on May 25 in the summer amphitheater at the recreational sports complex Benedikt in Most and outside the main program, visitors can also look forward to children’s attractions, refreshment stands and various products, mainly of a sports nature.

Pull, pull, help!

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