Prague 2 received an award in the 11th year of the National Award for Social Services


As part of the 11th year of the National Award for Social Services, the Prague 2 district received several awards for CAREGIVER OF THE YEAR. In the category Field services and Accommodation services employees of the Center for Social Services of Prague 2 Marie Běhounková and Halyna Lalak took them away, and in the category Manager of social services then the director of the center Martina Polanská.

The results of the 11th year of the national competition for the National award for social services CAREGIVER/KA ROKU, which was held under the auspices of Eva Pavlova, wife of the President of the Czech Republic, and Markéta Pekarová Adamová, chairperson of PS PČR, were ceremoniously announced in the historic premises of the New Town Hall.

Martina Polanská, director of the Center for Social Services of Prague 2, for an award in the category Manager of social services the deputy mayor of Prague 2, Lucie Pechová, who is in charge of the social sector, also congratulated her. “I was very pleased with the success of Martina Polanská. From my point of view, he really deserves this award. He has been leading the Social Services Center of Prague 2 for fifteen years and puts his whole heart into his work. Together with his team, he constantly improves the services provided, and thanks to this, our homes for the elderly and the care service repeatedly receive the highest rating of the quality mark. adds the deputy mayor Lucie Pechová.

“We nominated our colleagues for their professional and above all human qualities. They are a valuable part and support of our team. I thank Maria, Halyná, and all other colleagues for co-creating an environment in which we can provide high-level services and create a home for those who need us.” he says Martina Polanskadirector of the Prague 2 Center for Social Services, who was herself awarded in the category Manager of social services.

This is not the first time that the award goes to the Social Services Center Prague 2. The Center for Social Services Prague 2 is the holder not only of individual awards, but also of the quality of services provided. Five stars within the award A mark of quality in recent years, both homes for the elderly also acquired a care service, which was the first in Prague to achieve this success. The social facilities of the second city district thus once again confirmed their top level, where clients receive high-quality professional services and an individual approach from the caring team. It is precisely in the complexity of the wide spectrum of social services provided that Prague 2 is exceptional.

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