It is a good idea to start preparing for next winter now. You can save on wood now


At the beginning of the year, even firewood did not avoid a shift in the VAT rate. It is now subject to a 21 percent surcharge. Even so, you can save on wood. All you need is the necessary tools and the desire to work. Businesses that offer so-called self-production have not reflected the new tax in their price list by raising the price, and the prices thus copy last year’s rates. In addition, now is the best time to stock up for next winter.

You can have the chopped, dried wood brought home, then the only work will be stacking it in the woodshed.

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Recently burdened not only by the energy crisis, but also inflation, people were looking for some way to save money. If they have a fireplace or a wood-burning stove at home, their path usually led to the forest. However, not illegally, but for the so-called self-production of wood. She is still popular. And foresters are going against this trend.

Despite moving firewood to a higher VAT rate they decided to keep its price at last year’s level. “We are aware that this type of wood collection is not a cheap matter at the moment, and there are associated costs for gasoline for a car or a tractor, as well as the purchase and service of chainsaws. In addition, it is physically demanding. That is also why we decided not to increase the price, or rather, we will keep it at the price level of April 2023, even with regard to the new VAT,” said the CEO Forests of the Czech Republic (LČR) Dalibor Šafařík. The company manages less than half of the forests in the Czech Republic.

People who want to heat with wood do not have to worry about its shortage. Nevertheless, it is advisable to order a new stock for the next season well in advance:

Wood remains the cheapest source of heating. But it must be bought years in advance

It follows from the LČR price list that depending on the diameter and quality of the wood, you can pay from one hundred to 1,200 crowns per cubic meter. For example, when buying dry and weak conifer trunks, the price tag starts at 100 crowns. Soft hardwood can be purchased from 100 to 500 crowns per cubic meter. For oak and acacia, the range is from 240 to 1200 crowns.

High time

For wood, interested parties should start now. “People always say at the end of summer that it’s going to be winter and it’s time to get ready for it. However, it is too late. It’s ideal prepare for the coming winter now to give the wood time to dry. As for the conifers, those collected now will dry out by the next winter. For hardwood, it takes two years,” advised Radovan Srba, LČR’s sales director.

Not only the Forests of the Czech Republic keep last year’s prices in the price list. The same policy is applied by members of the Association of Owners of Municipal, Private and Church Forests of the Czech Republic (SVOL). “Most of us see no reason to reach for these prices. This is only a small percentage of production. Moreover, interest is lower now. People have stocked up in the past. We have also come across cases where people have practically covered their entire house with this wood and thus have supplies for five years ahead,” said SVOL chairman Jiří Svoboda.

The increase in VAT will make the winter season in one family house more expensive by about three thousand crowns, Vladimír Stupavský from the Česká Peleta Cluster predicted in the fall:

Poor families from the countryside who heat with wood will pay extra, warns the expert

Everyone who to forest goes for wood, and it is not within the scope of the agreed self-production, it should be kept within the limits established by the Forestry Act. It states that a person can take away a dry stick lying on the ground for his needs. That is, branches or the remains of tree tops.

Even this condition, however, has its clearly defined rules. “The limit is roughly set for wood up to seven centimeters in diameter. If a branch without bark has a larger diameter, it is already firewood, not a sapling, and that can only be bought,” pointed out LČR spokeswoman Eva Jouklová.

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