The world vice-champion will probably end up in prison. Drugs and alcohol are to blame


It’s a very steep drop. The motoring star who was slapped on the back by even the famous Lewis Hamilton and who won the title of vice-champion of the world in go-karts or the prestigious Golden Steering Wheel award, is now a patient who has been ordered to undergo institutional treatment by the court. And in no time she will very likely even be a prisoner. All because of alcohol and drugs.

Libor T. at the Klatovský court.

| Photo: Deník/Milan Kilián

Klatovan Libor T. (32), whose face and name cannot be published by the editors, had more troubles, but he had his first real misfortune in March 2021. At that time, the former athlete, who suffers from schizophrenia, attacked a 21-year-old girl in Klatovy for no reason, when she was walking her two dogs. He first yelled at her and then assaulted her, according to the indictment. “He caught up with her from behind, knocked her to the pavement and punched her several times in the neck and head, causing her to sprain her cervical spine with a suspected mild concussion. When she managed to get up and tried to run away from the scene, he ran after her and shouted that he was going to kill her,” prosecutor Katarina Peková described in the indictment at the Klatovsk District Court.

I screamed to run, that the motorcycle was going, said the grandmother, whose grandson she then knocked down

“I ran and screamed for help. I was already done, I couldn’t, but he was still behind me. Fortunately, a gentleman came out. If he hadn’t been there, maybe he would have finished what he started,” described the young lady, who was affected by the event more on her soul than on her body. After the crime, she was afraid to go out alone, she had to take sedatives. When she saw Libora T. in court, she burst into tears.

Libor T., who was under the influence of marijuana and meth during the crime, pleaded not guilty in court. However, first the District Court in Klatovy and then the Regional Court of Appeal in Pilsen came to the conclusion that he had committed the crime. In February 2023, he was definitively given an eleven-month sentence, conditionally suspended for a probationary period of two years, and protective psychiatric treatment in an outpatient form. At the same time, he was ordered to refrain from abusing addictive substances during the probationary period of the suspended sentence and to compensate the victim for lost wages in the amount of almost 13 thousand crowns.

The ambulance did not arrive, the patient died. The doctor from the ambulance received a fine, he continues to treat

But Libor T. refused the offered hand. In April 2023, in front of witnesses in Klatovy, a drunk man deliberately threw a stone into the windshield of a Škoda Fabia on the street. He also damaged the bonnet and the damage amounted to almost 27 thousand crowns. At that time, the district court had to wait for the decision of the Supreme Court, where Libor T. appealed against the judgment, but when it was rejected, he was able to act. And last September, he ordered the conversion of outpatient treatment to institutional treatment. “The doctor stated that the outpatient treatment was insufficient, because during it he continued to abuse addictive substances, which was repeatedly proven by urine and blood sampling. Institutional treatment is therefore necessary, where the supply of alcohol and drugs will be eliminated and his condition stabilized. The defendant agreed to this, waived the complaint. It must be said that he himself came up with the proposal for institutional treatment and went for treatment before the court’s decision,” judge Petr Sperk told Deník at the time.

But that was only the first step, now came the punishment for the act in question. It was this judge in the case who issued a criminal order in January, by which he found Libor T. guilty. “He was fined 40,000 crowns for the misdemeanors of disorderly conduct and damage to another’s property. He protested against him, therefore a main trial was ordered, which will be held at the end of February,” Sperk confirmed when asked by Deník.

Michal Rajtmajer at the Klato court.

The dealer left the court with house arrest, it’s his last chance

If the vice-champion of the world were to be found guilty and convicted in this trial, he would very likely go straight from the hospital to prison. He committed the crime under probation, and moreover at a time when he was legally prohibited from using drugs and drinking alcohol.

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