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Have you survived the freezing months and would like to recharge your batteries before the summer vacation? Head to Albania, a land of impressive mountains, clear seas and hospitable people. Albania is unforgettable in every season, but it is especially attractive in the spring months – it is warmer here than in the Czech Republic. Thanks to the cheap direct flights of Ryanair and Wizzair from Prague, you will land in the Albanian capital Tirana after two hours.

March temperatures near the coast reach 15 degrees Celsius, but it is significantly colder in the mountains. In the month of April, Albania begins to turn green and bloom. It warms up to 19 degrees Celsius and thanks to the melting of the snow in the mountains, the rivers and canyons are flooded with crystal water. Therefore, go down the rivers in April or May. May will be ideal for lovers of the sea and trips. The summer season is already starting in Albania and the temperatures are around 24 degrees Celsius. The sea is currently 19 degrees Celsius, but you will see the first swimmers already in April.

More than 10 million tourists visited Albania last year. The Pearl of the Balkans, as the country is often called, attracts more and more visitors every year. It attracts sandy beaches, romantic bays or lakes. In the wild mountains, pastures with horses, breathtaking views or picturesque villages without crowds of tourists will amaze you. Don’t miss the vibrant cities or the historical wealth of this magical country during your travels. There are many places to go in Albania, and one vacation will not be enough to discover them. Where to go?

Unbound Cursed Mountains

Looking for a true escape from civilization? More than 70 percent of Albania’s territory is covered by wild mountain landscapes that fascinate with their natural beauty and monumentality. The most popular among tourists are the Albanian Alps in the northernmost part. The jagged peaks here are comparable to the Central European Alps. The advantage of the Albanian ones is that you can find lively mountain resorts with developed infrastructure as well as remote corners where tourists rarely visit. Choose, for example, the village of Theth with the nearby 30-meter-high Grunas waterfall or the turquoise Blue Eye lake. Stay in campsites or affordable guesthouses.

The mountain range of southern Albania stands as the opposite of the Albanian Alps. The often missing tourist infrastructure makes this part of the country a forgotten corner. In addition, breathtaking mountain ranges such as Mali and Kanalit complete the beautiful natural scenery of the Riviera. On the way from the city of Vlora to the Albanian Riviera, you cannot miss the Llogara National Park with its impressive views. You can try paragliding here. But you will find other opportunities for mountain trekking in a number of other places in central and eastern Albania.

A modern nostalgic paradise by the sea

The city of Durres should be visited by everyone who longs for the sea, monuments and rich culture. You can sunbathe on a half-empty beach just half an hour from the airport. The heart of the medieval port city is the Illyria square with the town hall, the clock tower or the almost 3000-year-old amphitheater. If you want to see the harbor and the coast from above, go up to the 15th floor of the Rooftop XV restaurant. Even though it is a luxury restaurant, you can find yourself here for two hundred. Romantic streets full of boutiques, cafes and restaurants invite you to stroll.

You can relax on a several kilometer long sandy beach, all with the convenience of services such as sunbeds, bars and restaurants. If you want to explore another great beach, head among the rocks and greenery to the natural beach of Gjeneralit. You can also spend a peaceful day by the sea in the Golem or Qerret area. In Drač, you can also buy your own apartment by the sea. You can buy a furnished apartment for around 2 million crowns and simply rent it when you can’t go on vacation. The process of buying a property or just renting an apartment for a vacation is handled by a Czech company in Drač Myalbania.cz. It also offers tourists trips and experiences.

A boating adventure

The watery Vjosa River, one of the last wild large European rivers, flows into the territory of Albania from neighboring Greece. A fast ride in the conglomerate canyon around the surrounding 2,000 meters will capture the heart of every paddler. You can relax at the thermal springs in Bënje at the lower end of the Lengarice river canyon, which, together with the nearby Osum canyon, is the most breathtaking in all of Albania. In the spring, when the snow melts, you can go through the canyon in a canoe, but in the summer months you can also wade through it on foot. A lost world and virgin nature await you.

The city of a thousand windows

They say there are two things you must do when you are in Albania. The first is to visit the city of a thousand windows, i.e. Berat. A place on the right bank of the Osum River that offers a rich history, beautiful scenery and an ancient atmosphere. You will be amazed by the well-preserved Ottoman architecture and you won’t miss the dominant feature of the city – the medieval castle that towers over the city. You can find an unusual overnight stay in one of the stone houses. After you’ve explored the city enough, it’s time for the second thing you shouldn’t miss in the country, which is wine tasting. Stop at the COBO family winery ten kilometers away. You will enjoy a great atmosphere, sit in the garden and taste several samples of Albanian wines. All this will be complemented by something tasty for the tooth.

Offroad drive to the lake

Experience real Albanian offroad through the wilderness and countryside. Your destination will be Lake Boville with its clear blue surface and mountain peaks in the vicinity. If you go on foot to the viewpoint after getting out of the car, you will be rewarded with a unique view. Don’t want to climb anywhere? No problem, use the time to capture some wonderful photos with the lake at the lower points of the trail. Then continue by car through the settlements, where you will see how the locals live, graze cattle or harvest crops. End the route in the historic town of Kruja, where you will discover the castle from which the Albanian national hero Skanderbeg defended Albania from the Turks. A typical Ottoman market, where you can buy souvenirs, will also be an experience.

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