Petrovice: Firefighters freed a dachshund that ran into a pipe



Prague firefighters have shown again and again that they have not only hoses, but also hearts in the right place! In Prague’s Petrovice, they freed a dachshund that had wandered into the owner’s places from which there was no escape. Therefore, a marvel of modern technology had to step in, which literally blew the stray dog ​​out.

The smallest Prague district Petrovice, early Friday evening. A lady is walking her four-legged pet when he runs into her in one unguarded moment. It is aimed at the places that its dimensions do not testify to his physical constitution. Straight into a steel pipe from which there is no escape. The dachshund thus becomes a “tube prisoner”.

Minutes pass, the owner of the dog is desperate. He therefore calls the Prague fire department for help. “We cut the pipe and blew air into it. The dachshund then backed out of the pipe himself“, said Martin Kavka, spokesman for the Prague fire department. He will surely never forget this “blow”.. Fortunately, everything ended well for him. “He was petted by all the responding firefighterswho handed it over to the owner,” concludes the spokesperson.

Prague firefighters in Petrovice rescued a dachshund that ran into a metal pipe. (February 2, 2024)

Author: HZS Prague

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