Cone at the Prague Zoo: First birthday! Maybe she will have a sibling


“We have prepared for this weekend special commented feeding of Šiška and her parents in the night part of the Indonesian Jungle pavilion, at 9:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday,” said garden spokesman Filip Mašek. During the guided feeding, the guide asks quiz questions and visitors can receive small rewards, such as stickers.

According to breeder David Vala, the female nutcracker Šiška is doing well and is independent. Because they are Nutmegs are solitary animals, now also has its own exhibition. “He is thriving and weighs almost three and a half kilos. She herself expertly prepares a nest in a house and likes to climb trees. Visitors can best see her in the first hour after the zoo opens, when there is still daylight in the exhibit,” said Vala.

Another nutcracker on the way?

At the same time, according to him, the parents of Šiška, the female Run Hou Tang and the male Guo Bao, have been successful again in recent months they mated The possible pregnancy of the female will only be confirmed during an ultrasound examination in the coming weeks. “They mated in Novemberbut the pregnancy can only be recognized in the fourth month on an ultrasound examination. It would be a huge success because there aren’t that many pods in human care,” said Vala.

International day

On Saturday, February 17, International Shellfish Day is commemorated, and the Prague Zoo has prepared an all-day program. “There will be commented feeding again, but people can also take part in a seminar with the breeders. There, for example, they can see aids for veterinary training,” said Mašek. According to him, different ones will also be prepared game stations and quizzes.

Klára Sedlo is an extraordinary painter. She rose to prominence at a very young age thanks to her extraordinary talent and imagination.

Second in Europe

The Prague Zoo is only the second zoo in Europe, which keeps pods. She acquired a pair of these mammals in April 2022 from the Taipei Zoo thanks to a partnership agreement between Prague and the Taiwanese metropolis. Breeding pods is challenging mainly due to ensuring a sufficient amount of suitable food. In nature, nutcrackers use them to obtain food strong clawsby which they dig up anthills and termite mounds. They then select the prey with their sticky tongue. In the zoo, the daily feed ration for one pod contains, among other things 100 grams of bee larvaemealworms, insectivore mix, apple, egg yolk, soil and other ingredients.

Nutcrackers exist eight species. Some of them live in Asia, others in Africa. The scales that protect their bodies are attributed a healing effect in traditional Chinese medicine, which is why pods are among the most smuggled mammals. Keratin scales provide these nocturnal creatures with protection from predators.

Nutshell female Cone in summer 2023 Prague ZOO

A female short-tailed nutcracker named Šiška celebrated her first birthday. (February 3, 2024)

A female short-tailed nutcracker named Šiška celebrated her first birthday. (February 3, 2024)

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