Night fire in a block of flats



The maneuvers of the emergency services were triggered by a pot of food left on the stove

Last night around eleven o’clock, several units of firefighters, police officers and paramedics went out to the reported fire in a block of flats in Terezie Brzkové Street in Pilsen.

Upon arrival at the scene, it was discovered that smoke was coming from one of the apartments on the fourth floor above ground. However, no one responded to the pounding and ringing of the bell, so the firefighters climbed up to the window of the apartment using high-altitude equipment and discovered that food was burning inside in a pot on a stove that was turned on. Firefighters opened the window of the apartment with the help of a so-called sliding door, went inside, turned off the stove and ventilated the space.

There were no injuries and apparently the residents forgot about the pot when they left the apartment.

“Yesterday at night, we received a report of a fire in one of the apartments in Pilsen in Skvrňany. Upon arriving at the scene, the police did not find any illegal activity and it was not necessary to take any action. The Fire and Rescue Service took over the matter to resolve it. The incident was avoided without injuries, “ the police spokeswoman told us about the event.



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