Look at the babies born in the South Bohemian Region in the 5th week of 2024


/VOTE FOR THE CUTEST BABY IN THE POLL/ We present another photo gallery of newly born babies from the South Bohemian Region. Thanks to the Journal and the development of new technologies and social networks, even a cousin or a friend from the other side of the world can easily and quickly look at your baby’s photo, as well as photos of other babies born in the given region. And in addition, if you send us a photo of your baby for publication, you will receive a unique gift from us.

Check out the babies born in the past week.

| Video: Diary/Kateřina Součková

Have you added a baby to your family? Send us his photo to e-mail [email protected], we will publish it in a special column on the website and in printed newspapers. If you also wish to receive the unique front page of the newspaper from the day your child was born, please proceed as follows:
Summon itSource: Vyvolej.to
The title’s partner is Vyvolej.to, an online photo lab that evokes the most beautiful memories. Along with the caption, you will also receive a small photo gift. More information on where to send a photo of the baby can be found HERE.

By sending the photo, you agree to the publication of the baby’s photo on Deník platforms as part of the Baby project.

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Vote in the poll About the cutest baby

Dear readers, every week you can vote for the baby you like the most in our poll “About the most sympathetic baby”.

Babies from the South Bohemian RegionBabies from the South Bohemian RegionSource: DiaryEvery week in this place (in the poll below the article) you can vote for a new group of babies. At the end of the month, the child from our region who receives the absolute highest number of votes will advance to the national final.

There, he will compete for your sympathy with other small winners of similar polls from different corners of the country. And the subsequent winner of this national competition will receive an original title Baby of the month.

For the smallest, positioning on the tummy should be repeated several times a day at shorter intervals

The baby does not enjoy looking at the wall. You have to motivate the child to herd the horses

Prizes for winners

At the same time, the winners of the weekly polls will receivesebamed Babysebamed BabySource: Courtesy of sebamed Baby brand for the month of February in individual regions a package of great MAM and sebamed Baby products worth a total of CZK 537.

In the package you will find:

Sebamed baby extra soft baby cream with calendula, designed (not only) for sensitive skin and also suitable for allergy sufferers. The cream soothes irritated and reddened skin and can be used after bathing or at any time during the day.

MAM brandMAM brandSource: Courtesy of MAM BrandMAM Oral Care Rabbit dental wash for regular cleaning of sensitive baby gums immediately after birth – to remove bacteria. Thanks to this “glove”, the baby will get used to cleaning even before the first tooth, and because it is made of special microfiber, it will facilitate the cutting of the first teeth and their cleaning at the same time.

I HAVE A Friend MAX the Frog. When the little one grows up, he will certainly appreciate the last product in the package – the frog Max. It is a handmade developmental toy and teether in one. Max is designed to support a toddler’s sensory development and stimulate coordination between sight, touch and fine motor skills.

Parents of the child who received the highest number of votes in the weekly poll, FILL IT OUT U.S HERE after voting is over, the baby’s first and last name and your contact information. Based on this data, we will send you the gift. Congratulations to the winners!

The placenta is a life-giving organ that will serve even after its separation from the pregnant mother's body. It creates capsules, cocktails or useful tissue for complex operations.

Placenta as a miracle. You will be surprised how useful it is and can be eaten even after childbirth

Dear parents, the distribution of gifts for babies winning weekly regional polls started on April 1, 2023. Related to this is the fact that parents whose baby wins the relevant weekly regional poll for the 13th week of 2023 can be the first to apply for a gift. And then the parents of the winning babies can ask for a gift in the following weeks.

Valerie Pantlíková, January 4, 2024, 3460 g, 50 cm, Uherské Hradiště

Who will win the title of January 2024 Baby of the Month? Vote in the national final

Contest voting is governed by the rules you will find on our website.

Voting on our website is set up so that anyone who wants to can send a vote to your little favorite. Please play fair.

Facebook Diary Styl is here for everyone.Facebook Diary Styl is here for everyone.Source: Diary/Denisa Lottmannová

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