Traffic accidents are not avoided even by firefighters

Traffic accidents are not avoided even by firefighters
Traffic accidents are not avoided even by firefighters

Today, luck did not last for the professional unit of firefighters from Uhersko-Hradiště. Even though they are the ones who go to the scene to help people, sometimes they need help themselves. Just like the firefighters who were heading to the fire in Ořechov today.

After three o’clock, two firefighters in a car ladder drove towards the scene of the incident. But they did not reach Ořechov at all. They collided with a car in the Old Town on Hradišťská Street.

“The driver of the car was injured and ended up in the hospital. His passenger and the two firefighters escaped without injury.” stated the Fire and Rescue Service on its social networks.

Other firefighters from Uherské Hradiště came to help their colleagues, this time without complications. They secured the scene of the accident and carried out fire fighting measures. They also disconnected the car battery for the car.

The territorial and regional control officer soon arrived at the scene of the accident and took over command. “After the necessary actions and documentation of the accident site by the Police of the Czech Republic, the emergency vehicle was taken back to its home station. The cause and circumstances of the accident are now under investigation by the traffic police.” the firefighters comment on the further progress on the networks.

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