The Prague collection of ginger plants is one of the richest in Central Europe

The Prague collection of ginger plants is one of the richest in Central Europe
The Prague collection of ginger plants is one of the richest in Central Europe

A rare find of Zingiber chryseum ginger, which has not been seen in the wild for over a hundred years. Photo: BZHMP

10 collections of the Botanic Garden hl. m of Prague in Troja.

These are collections called Daylilies, Irises, Flowers of Prague, Ornamental grasses, Pelargoniums, Peonies, Succulents and xerophytes of Madagascar, Sages, Useful plants of America and Garden annuals.

The Trojská zahrada has also been Fleuroselect’s exhibition garden for a quarter of a century. This is an independent international organization that tests newly bred, seed-propagated varieties of flowers.

Thus, visitors to the Trojan Botanical Garden can see newly bred varieties of plants every year. Last year it was a cone Rudbeckia fulgida ‘Goldblitz’, the first low, lemon-yellow sunflower Helianthus annuus ‘Lemon Cutie’ and sedge Verbena bonariensis ‘Vanity’.

In 2023, the garden had 32,675 cultivated plant items in its collections, including 1,526 cultivated items of endangered plant species according to the IUCN.

Botanical achievements of 2023

The Prague Botanical Garden expanded several important plant collections. It was a collection of ginger plants, which is one of the richest in Central Europe. It is especially valuable because it consists almost exclusively of plants of known origin.

It also includes several so-called types, i.e. plants collected in localities where the species was first described for science. In 2023 in Singapore, the curator of the Prague Botanical Garden, Klára Lorencová, participated in the discovery of two species of ginger plants that had not been observed in nature for decades. Species Zingiber chryseum managed to find it in the wild for the first time since 1908.

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The collection of succulents was significantly expanded. The Botanical Garden acquired 500 new plant items. The expedition to Madagascar also brought very valuable additions, which will enrich the World of Succulents exhibit in the future, which is one of the most popular exhibits of the botanical garden. The collections were also supplemented by many genera and species of arum-like plants, and genera that were discovered and described only recently were also added, for example the genera Ooo, Baku, Hapaline and more.

Last year, an exotic rhododendron bloomed for the first time in Troy. This is a very rare and little known species Rhododendron triumphanswhich occurs only in the vicinity of the highest mountain in southern Vietnam, Bidoup, and on the associated mountain ridge of the Hon Ba massif.

Seedlings of this species were imported to Prague in 2017, directly from collection in Vietnam. In 2023, the botanical garden also acquired it for its collections Rhododendron kanehirae, which is endemic to the only valley in the north of the island of Taiwan and is no longer found in the wild.

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