Petr Pavl’s presidential adrenaline rush: Secret parachute jump!


Airport near Roudnice nad Labem, plane known as Andula. This time the pilot is loading a VIP passenger – President Petr Pavel. “Here we go? Ok lets go!” says Pavel. “Mr. President, we can go, everything is ready,” Transport Minister Martin Kupka (ODS) turned to him from the seat next to the pilot.

“Perhaps some will not agree with me, but for me yes,” he answers the judge’s question whether the plane is the safest and fastest means for him. “Because I started with paratroopers in the army, I even completed my first jumps before I was fifteen years old,” he admitted.

“We have to start quickly,” he said, so that the Air Sportsman of the Year 2023 gala could catch up. And then he went into action, jumping out of the plane and letting a parachute unfold above him. A few hours later he appeared in the Ústí theater. The moderator glossed it as that after George Bush, he is the second head of state to throw himself out of a plane.

The head of sports at CT Michal Disík admitted on social networksthat everyone kept the presidential jump a secret until the gala evening.

The return of compulsory military service? Pavel supported levies!

Meanwhile, Eva Pavlová was skiing in the High Tatras and sent a video greeting. “I’m sorry, the wind blew me away a bit” she said, congratulating those who won the award.

The president is a well-known sports fan. He runs, kayaks and motorbikes or hikes in the mountains. He is also close to movement as a former soldier.

Petr Pavel in action.

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