Liberty Ostrava again postponed the return of employees. For the ninth time

Liberty Ostrava again postponed the return of employees. For the ninth time
Liberty Ostrava again postponed the return of employees. For the ninth time

The metallurgical company Liberty Ostrava postponed the return of employees to work for the ninth time today. This was said by the chairman of the basic organization OS KOVO Liberty CR, Petr Slanina. Company spokeswoman Kateřina Zajíčková confirmed the further postponement. Most of the operations at the smelter are at a standstill because Liberty has still not reached an agreement with its supplier Tameh Czech on energy supplies. Most of the employees of both companies have been at home since December 22 last year.

Liberty Ostrava has had problems paying its obligations for a long time. Tameh Czech states that it was precisely because the smelter did not pay him that he ended up in bankruptcy in December. Liberty Ostrava employs around 6,000 people, Tameh around 300.

Since last December, Liberty has been protecting creditors from the moratorium announced by the court, but according to the Seznam Zprávy server, the restructuring administrator proposed to the court to cancel this moratorium. According to him, the company is insolvent. The court will discuss it on Wednesday, with the public excluded.

“Obviously, we’re all waiting to see what happens on Wednesday, with the fact that the most important thing right now is to explain to the employees that no matter what happens, it has no effect on them, that the company will close or anything like that,” Slanina said. According to him, Liberty representatives state that the company is still negotiating with Tameh.

Currently, according to trade unionists, around 1,600 employees work at the smelter. Only people who work on necessary maintenance go to work all the time, and in January they were joined by workers from the production of belts and mine reinforcements, which managed to be connected to heat supplies from Veolia Energie. Last week, the company put the welding shop in the pipe shop into operation. In addition, administration employees also work, but from home.

Liberty and Tameh are closely linked economically and technologically. Tameh is a former Energetika plant, which was built as part of the then Nová Huta, now Liberty. Tameh smelters supply electricity, various gases and steam. In turn, Liberty supplies Tameh with fuel in the form of blast furnace and coke oven gases, without which the operation of the energy company cannot do.

When the smelter was owned by the ArcelorMittal group, Energetika was separated into a separate company. When Liberty Steel Group from Gupta’s GFG Alliance became the owner of the smelter, Tameh remained the property of a joint venture of the ArcelorMittal group and the Polish holding company Tauron. Liberty and Tameh have been fighting over prices and payment practically since the sale of the smelter to the Liberty group.

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