The city is dealing with visual smog in public space

The city is dealing with visual smog in public space
The city is dealing with visual smog in public space

Photo: City of Uherský Brod / In some parts of the city, the advertising smog has already exceeded the tolerable limit.

Uherský Brod intends to clean public space and deal with advertising smog, which has already exceeded the limit in some places. In addition, ugly and distracting advertisements are not a good business card of the city, especially in the historical center. But the first swallows are already appearing, at least according to the statement of the city architect.

In Olšava, they work together with local entrepreneurs and the general public to cultivate public space. “The goal is not only to explain and educate, but also to establish mutual cooperation in the area so that we can jointly create an attractive city for citizens, entrepreneurs, visitors and tourists. In an attractive environment, people much prefer to spend their free time, return and thus enable its further development,” explained city architect Helena Víšková.

The city is already mapping opinions on individual elements in public spaces. “We are interested in the issue of shop windows, labeling establishments with various inscriptions, stickers, holders, signs, banners on buildings and “A” on sidewalks. At the same time, the point of view of the city’s citizens, businessmen and people who come to the city for education or work is key,” emphasized Víšková.

Citizens thus have a unique opportunity to influence the visual appearance of the streets, all they have to do is mark places with excessive advertising smog using the Defect Reporting application on the city’s website. “We will pay attention to all suggestions and then we will offer citizens the opportunity to take part in a walk around selected problematic places with commentary from the city architect and invited experts,” Miroslava Poláková, the mayor of the city, outlined the next steps.

In April, a panel discussion, again intended for entrepreneurs and the general public, will focus on inappropriate signage of establishments, advertising and advertising smog in public space and the possibilities of its regulation. Those interested will find out the date and place of the event in good time on the website, social networks and in the city newsletter.

According to Víšková, Uherský Brod already has a long way to go. The cleaning of buildings and at the same time the cultivation of the signage of establishments has been taking place for years in connection with city subsidies for the restoration of facades. “However, we still have room for improvement. That is why we also focus on informing the public about visual smog, the aesthetics of the signage of establishments and the use of their windows in a way that is not disruptive, but on the contrary, attracts and appeals to customers,” Víšková explained.

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