The Czech Republic was not covered by Saharan dust, but space dust was shown by surprising measurements


The sky over the Czech Republic was clouded by a considerable amount of dust over the weekend, due to which a smog situation had to be declared in a number of places and the sky was difficult to recognize. The original information said that Sahara sand is found here. However, the measurements and dust analyzes published today did not confirm this. The classic yellow-brown coating, which is commonly found in our country when Saharan sand occurs, was not observed either.

Occurrence of cosmic dust over Pilsen on Sunday afternoon – visibility decreased significantly and the sky was covered with interesting clouds

So what clouded the sky and polluted the air? It was surprisingly space dust. It entered the stratosphere last week and gradually descended into the atmosphere. Its origin is still unknown, but it probably comes from distant planets or disintegrating asteroids. It is not even excluded that it could also be much rarer star dust, but this will have to be confirmed or refuted by more detailed analyses. In any case, this dust is rare and expensive. Meteorologists, who have special devices for capturing dust in the air, now have rare material in their laboratories, the value of which can be around several million crowns. In fact, it also contains metals in microscopic quantities that are not normally found on our planet. This led many people to try to get dust out of the air without special equipment. For this, they most often use a wet rag stretched on a cord, into which the dust is absorbed, and then it can be squeezed into a bucket with water, and after the water dries, precious dust remains, the value of which can be several thousand crowns.

Air quality measuring instruments that picked up a rare amount of dust, source:

Some people on social networks question the scientists’ measurements, saying that they are chemicals released purposefully from airplanes (the so-called chemtrail). However, such claims are false. The occurrence of space dust in the atmosphere was also confirmed by the American Space Association using remote measurements of the Earth. The cloud of space dust was mostly over Central Europe and, according to the development over time, it did not come from Africa, but through sessile movements from the stratosphere.

In the next few days, the space dust will dissipate from the atmosphere and the air will become clean again. It is currently uncertain whether this phenomenon will repeat itself in the future. It has not been observed in the past. However, according to predictions, he could return exactly in a year.

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