Not to Poland anymore? The attack on the Poles ended in a battle for food


Prouza explained the reasons for the differences in the price, quality and packaging of goods here and in Germany and other European countries, which Prime Minister Petr Fiala drew attention to in the autumn, not only by differences in VAT or currencies, but also by the willingness of Czechs to pay extra for Western brands. Because of this, producers try to find the maximum price that people are willing to pay, Prouza explained to the newspaper in the autumn Forum 24.

In recent months, People’s Minister of Agriculture Marek Výborný accused the sellers, who, according to him, were responsible for the higher prices of food in the Czech Republic. He tried to get producers and food sellers to lower prices through informal talks. At the beginning of the year, on Czech television in Questions of Václav Moravec assured that food prices in the Czech Republic are stabilized and there is no reason for them to continue to rise in price.

According to the president of the Trade and Tourism Association Tomáš Prouza, the reduction of VAT on food, which has been in effect since the beginning of the year, has been reflected in prices, and shopping in Poland is slowly ceasing to make sense, because the prices in Czech and Polish stores are no longer very different. “Poland is losing its position as a cheap food paradise. Zero VAT on food ends there and it continues to become more expensive. In the Czech Republic, on the other hand, prices are falling. The result is clear, except for residents of the Polish border, purchases from our northern neighbors stop paying,” he writes on Facebook.

“Of course, prices in Poland are rising from a slightly lower base, but it is quite likely that they will level off soon. If people don’t go there specifically to hunt for discounts, over time it will become more of a ‘fake’ than a reliable way to save the family budget,” added the head of the Trade and Tourism Association.

His words sparked a great discussion in Facebook groups where Czechs share tips and advice about shopping in Poland.

“Does anyone have experience if prices really go up there? I was going to, but I’m hesitating…,” wondered Petr Janda in connection with the claim that cheap shopping in Poland is over.

However, as it turned out, Czech customers see shopping in Poland differently, they believe that they will continue to travel across the border for cheaper purchases. Prouz’s words about the fact that it will soon be cheaper in the Czech Republic than in Poland were often questioned.

According to commentator Bronislava Kvasnicová, people should not take Prouz’s words at face value. “Well, if the truth-teller Prouza says it, then it’s probably true, Mr. Prouza. You don’t even blush from lying,” she objected to Prouz.

Jiří Sroka expressed himself in a similar vein: “Mr. Prouza should go to Poland, then he wouldn’t write nonsense. In the Czech Republic, Violet’s precious,” stated the discussant.

Tomáš Prouza even earned the word “wretch” with his statements: “Only a wretch can write that, who thinks that prices will continue to fall in our country for a long time. Allow me to laugh, they said that they played him, in Poland the price will increase by 5%, it will still be worth it,” said Eliška Klusáková.

“They don’t raise prices in Poland, our koruna has weakened, the zloty was a little over five hundred and now it is 6.10. I was at the beginning of March and I will keep going, the quality of the food will pay off and the cigarettes will pay for our trip,” said Dagmar Štěpánková.

“You’re lying, it’s always worth it in Poland and it’s about quality food and not the crap they bring here from abroad when they don’t want to eat it there. You’re good at defending chains, and your contemptuous laughter towards people in this country is disgusting,” threatened contributor Eva Liška Režná.

“That they won’t lose those lying handles. They obviously don’t go shopping,” said Vlastimil Vlk.

“I have been going to Poland for many years. It was always cheaper there than here. I haven’t seen any discounts with us yet. That’s what one lady said,” Jiřina Trgiňová added her experience.

“It’s still much cheaper there, we’ll still go and shop,” Rudolf Dziak agreed with the others.

In the discussion, people not only got angry over Prouza’s words, but also had a lot of fun: “Prouza is sparkling again.” “I can know where the prices are falling here, I’d love to go there.”

Attention was also drawn to the quality of food, which according to many is higher in Poland than in our basin. “Prouza, what about food quality?? Even after the introduction of VAT, Poland is still better than some crap in the Czech Republic. What I see in Czech stores, they wouldn’t even give to pigs in Germany. But I understand that someone has to stop such losses, which the Czech chains and the state have, and that’s how they write nonsense about Poland,” expressed Libor Sebök’s opinion.

“We go there for quality products! Here you bring waste, which you sell here in 1st quality. Shame on you,” Renata Pokorná told Prouz.

“It’s not just that it’s still cheaper in Poland, but the food is also better quality and tastier,” wrote Josef Feik.

“Prouza, Prouza, either you’re just doing it, or you’re really such an ox and I’m really sorry for that,” Petr Zbytovský subsequently dug into the president of the Trade and Tourism Association

According to Prouza, favorable food prices in Poland are quickly disappearing. He expects that this trend will most likely pass within six months. “It follows from Eurostat data on food inflation that over the past three months, food has become cheaper on our counters, while on the other hand it has become more expensive outside the Polish borders. The open scissors are thus starting to come closer together,” he said in the program News Plus.

According to him, Czech customers will go to Poland, but only for cheaper cigarette prices. “The reason is the consumption tax on tobacco imposed by the Czech government. In the past, it was the other way around – people traveled from neighboring countries to us for a cheaper purchase of cigarettes,” recalled the president of the union.

Prime Minister Petr Fiala (ODS) also pointed out that the rise in consumer prices is ending in the Czech Republic. “I am just looking at the data from Eurostat and they clearly show that we are in the first third of the countries with the lowest inflation in the EU. (…) The Czech Republic managed to fight inflation. The stress and uncertainty of price increases ends.” he wrote on the Facebook social network by the prime minister.

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author: Natalia Brozovská

The article is in Czech

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