A new Odolice transport station will be established on the Plum line

A new Odolice transport station will be established on the Plum line
A new Odolice transport station will be established on the Plum line

April 1, 2024, (pav)

1.4. – The AŽD company will establish a new transport station called Odolice on the Švestková line (Čížkovice – Obrnice). It will be built and activated in just 14 days of service interruption in order to increase the capacity of the line and open it to other carriers.

AŽD is currently finalizing all necessary permits and other legislation. The road closure will take place on the 2nd-16th. May 2024, when all major construction work must be carried out, the installation of switches and tracks, including the installation of technologies, their activation and involvement in the remote control of the track at the Regional Dispatch Office in Lovosice. In parallel with this, the company AŽD, i.e. the owner and operator of the line and at the same time the main carrier, wants to carry out repair work on the railway bridge near Třebívlice and on the excluded section of the line, including underfilling.

“We have everything planned down to the last detail and I believe we will accomplish this difficult task. Our passengers are not curious about long-term shutdowns and unpleasant transfers to alternative bus services. We don’t want to lose our passengers. The Odolice interchange with two 300-meter long station tracks will make the Švestková railway accessible to other carriers that use independent traction and increase its capacity. Carriers can use our line to shorten their journey from northern to central Bohemia. Realizing this project in 14 days is a challenge for all our employees,” said AŽD CEO Zdeněk Chrdle.

After the completion of the Odolice turnout, the Švestková railway, which is equipped with the most modern digital security technology DIGITAL 4.0, will have a total of four transport cars remotely controlled from the Regional Dispatch Office in Lovosice. The AŽD company will try out technical innovations not yet known to the professional public in the new transport facility, which it wants to offer to the Railway Administration, but also to foreign customers. Currently, AŽD operates eleven pairs of passenger trains a day on the Švestková Dráza within the U10 line of Transport of the Ústí Region between Litoměřice upper station and Most on weekdays, and another seven pairs between Litoměřice upper station and Třebívlice.


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