Seven people died in accidents over the Easter weekend, the most since 2016

Seven people died in accidents over the Easter weekend, the most since 2016
Seven people died in accidents over the Easter weekend, the most since 2016

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On the extended Easter weekend from Friday to Monday, seven people died in traffic accidents in the Czech Republic this year, which is the most since 2016. In 2023, accidents during the Easter weekend had two victims. This follows from preliminary police statistics. In previous years, the number of victims of accidents on Easter holidays ranged from two to six. In 2016, when Good Friday was a public holiday for the first time, seven people died, just like this year. No one died in accidents this year on Good Friday, which fell on March 29. On Saturday, the police recorded three accident victims and four on Sunday. Easter Sunday was also the most tragic day of March this year. There were no fatal traffic accidents in the country so far on Monday.

This year’s March brought several record-breakingly warm days, warm and sunny weather attracts motorcyclists to ride. Three motorcyclists were also among the victims of accidents over the Easter weekend. One motorcyclist died on Saturday in the Náchod region when he collided with a passenger car between the villages of Nový Ples and Rasošky. Another also died on Saturday near Nová Rabyná in Benešovsk after hitting a guardrail, and a third on Sunday in Havlíčkobrodsk after a collision with a car on the I/34 road between the villages of Jitkov and Ždírec nad Doubravou.

Several car drivers were killed at the weekend after hitting a fixed obstacle while driving off the road. For example, shortly after midnight on Sunday, a passenger car in Brno drove off the road onto a construction site, where one person died and two others ended up in hospital with injuries after hitting a traverse. Also on Sunday, an 18-year-old driver died in Domažlicka, she failed to make a turn and crashed into a tree.

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