The wind in Olomouc blew a tree onto the path, injuring a cyclist


Firefighters in the Olomouc Region were kept busy by strong winds on Easter Monday. They had to go to 25 events so far. The most serious occurred near Mladče, where a cyclist was injured on a path on which a tree fell due to a gust of wind.

A tree fell on the path near Mladče and injured a cyclist, April 1, 2024

| Photo: HZS Olomouc region

Meteorologists have issued a strong wind warning, which is valid for the Jeseník district within the Olomouc Region, until 8 p.m. The wind has weakened in the evening. Rarely, however, storms may appear according to the forecast.

“In connection with the wind, we went to 25 events today. In one case, a cyclist was injured when a tree fell on the bike path near Mladče. We provided first aid and handed him over to the emergency medical service. We removed the tree,” Lucie Balážová, spokeswoman for the Olomouc Region Fire Rescue Service, informed in the afternoon.

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Firefighters in the Olomouc region were busy with fallen trees on roads and damaged roofs during the windy day.

“We are provisionally providing two in the center of Přerov in Kratochvílova Street at the local church and one of the buildings on Horní náměstí. We also secured two roofs in Zlaté Hory. We use high-altitude technology,” the spokeswoman explained.

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The Czech Hydrometeorological Institute issued a warning against strong winds, which mainly concerned Silesia. Wind gusts reach speeds of 55 to 70 kilometers per hour in places, according to the warning.

Within the Olomouc region, it is valid until 8 p.m. in the territory of Jesenice. The wind will decrease in the evening. Rarely, however, thunderstorms may appear in the forecast in addition to showers.

Fresh wind is expected to blow temporarily on Tuesday as well. Places with gusts of around 55 kilometers per hour.


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