A new pub awakens life in a mountain village


Křimov – They are called the heart of every village. Architects agree that the trend of restoring old restaurant facilities and pubs has been growing in the Czech Republic in recent years. After a thorough renovation, they become the heart of smaller villages in particular. And such an example is the new restaurant U Macka, which you can find in Křimov. And since it is in the same building as the municipal office, the connection with community life is more than white.

According to the data of the Czech Statistical Office, in 2023, almost 450 inhabitants lived in Křimov. Even so, the village leads a relatively rich cultural life. Nevertheless, the village lacked a place where residents of all generations could gather on weekdays just like that, without a specific reason.

That is slowly changing now. In addition to the cuisine, the newly opened restaurant also focused on the cultural program. Since the beginning of March, it has already served as a background for the local municipal ball, but it has also hosted a country band and has ambitions to restore traditions. They even organized a pig feast here, which was a bit daring given the ongoing pre-Easter fast, but it definitely served its purpose. In one day, 150 people took turns in the restaurant, which is a third of the entire village.

In the future, the owners of the restaurant, Mr. and Mrs. Bošin, would also try to present the trends of modern and, above all, sustainable gastronomy to the residents of Křimov, as well as the surrounding area. The restaurant adheres to the “From farm to table” concept. It is based on close cooperation between local farmers and producers and its advantage is quality, fresh and seasonal ingredients.

A real delicacy that you can find on the menu is, for example, organic beef from the Ore Mountains, which is raised on a local farm, where it is also butchered. It is literally only a few tens of meters from the restaurant.

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