The largest terrarium in Moravia. They just opened it at Kovozoo in the Old Town


“A brand new terrarium exhibit grew in just six months. The new exhibition, with its distinctive industrial look in the Kovozoo style, has no parallel in the world. In terms of the number of animals and the variety of animal species, it is also the largest in Moravia,” said Martina Juřenová from REC Group Staré Město.

Exoticism contrasted with inanimate metal

“By building a terrarium in Kovooo, we have once again expanded the range of experiences for our visitors. We want every visitor to find something for themselves. Those who are not attracted by the inanimate world of metal and other waste can enjoy living exotics,” said the founder and director of Kovozoo, Bronislav Janeček.

According to him, in order to connect the mentioned two worlds under the Kovozoo brand more, the terrarium spaces are designed in an industrial style with metal elements and rusty iron decor, i.e. in the same design that is typical for the entire area.

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“Even terrariums are built in this style. So no jungle imitation, but industrial. The terrarium is not our only activity with live animals. In connection with the development of the Blind Arms of Moravia project, we are planning to build a butterfly meadow, or rather a butterfly grove,” confided Bronislav Janeček, but he refused to reveal the details yet.

“Compared to Modrá, where our terrarium operated for seven years, there are much larger cubicles, we also bought larger animals, which have everything that belongs to their life in them. They have much larger quarters in the cubicles, there are also pools with inflow and outflow of water. At Modrá we didn’t have heated floors like here. There is also air conditioning,” informed the founder and head of the terrarium, Michal Brázdil.

Pythons, rattlesnakes and cobras

He boasted that visitors will see more than a hundred animals in 56 animal species in the large terrarium exhibit. There are more animals in the exhibit than there were at Modrá.

“The largest snakes include dark pythons, which weigh almost a hundred kilograms. But we couldn’t have them at Modrá. We have larger and more venomous snakes here. There are new horned, offensive and horned vipers. There are Indian cobras, rattlesnakes and other animals here. The smallest are the primroses with great diversity,” boasted Michal Brázdil.

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He let it be known that the terrarium is municipal property. In collaboration and cooperation with Kovozoo, which is a partner of the terrarium, it contains all possible decorations and metal elements.

“The building, which is more than a hundred years old, needed to be cleared as soon as possible. Inside the terrariums, a special stucco trowel imitating rusty metal is used. The interior is complemented by decorative metal elements. In collaboration and cooperation with Kovozoo, our partner, there are all kinds of decorations in the terrarium, we could also put metal elements there,” said Michal Brázdil with satisfaction.

Rest zones will be added

He revealed that some terrariums should be decorated in the next period. Along the way, with the money earned, public toilets will be completed so that people can jump to the toilet within the large parking lot.

New sanitary facilities. A toilet, a toilet, a toilet - or whatever someone calls it, are sometimes part of a visit to KOVOZOO Staré Město.

There are no toilets like toilets. You can choose the new ones at KOVOZOO

There will also be relaxation zones, other decorative elements, but also elements related to the program. There will also be directional signs so that people can easily find their way around the terrarium area.

“Our goal was to open the terrarium on Maundy Thursday, and we succeeded. I’m glad that a lot of people visited the terrarium exhibition that day,” confided Michal Brázdil, an enthusiastic breeder and admirer of reptiles.

“I didn’t miss a visit to the brand new terrarium that was opened today, Maundy Thursday. Many people who head to Kovozoo will enjoy it with the starting tourist season. Even before they enter it, they will be able to visit the terrarium exposition,” praised the couple Petřík from Bojkovice, who went here on Maundy Thursday with their four grandchildren.


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