SOCDEM had the biggest sponsor last year, Barta contributed three million to the party

SOCDEM had the biggest sponsor last year, Barta contributed three million to the party
SOCDEM had the biggest sponsor last year, Barta contributed three million to the party

So, first of all, it is undoubtedly a sun hunter, and secondly, a pension, said Michal Marda of SOCDEM last May, when Barta expressed the desire of the parties to help him return to the highest levels of politics.

Czech IT investor Jan Barta drew attention to himself when he donated 50 million crowns to a project to make a drone for Ukraine attacked by Putin’s Russia this year. Ten thousand drones can be made for it.

Hlavenka gave 846,000 to Pirts, only the supervision of the EZ Dolelek council gave 300,000 to the people

Among the parties represented in the House of Representatives, Pirti had the first sponsor in Jim Hlavenk. The regional councilor for Pirty in the South Moravian region and an entrepreneur and investor in the field of information technology donated at least 846,332 crowns to the government last year. In total, Pirti received 24.8 million crowns in donations, which is somewhat distorted by the fact that only STAN sent them 19.7 million crowns due to the balanced cost of the campaign.

STAN received 6.6 million in donations. Minister of the Interior and STAN Vt Rakuan gave his movement 200,000 crowns, as did Central Bohemian Governor Petra Peckov and former Minister of Religion Petr Gazdk.

Vt Dolelek wrote the most to the people to whom the sponsors sent 8 million crowns, only the supervisor of the EZ Council and sometime editor of Marian Jureka’s cabinet, when he was in charge of the Ministry of Agriculture. KDU-SL received 300,000 crowns from Dolek last year.

TOP 09 received donations in the amount of 5.7 million crowns. The first party gifts were given by the chairman of the party and the House of Representatives, Markta Pekarov Adamov, and the Central Czech businessman Vladimr Faber. Both donated 250 thousand. Minister of Health Vlastimil Vlek donated 130 thousand and Minister Helena Langdlov 100 thousand.

Last year, ODS received 14.7 million crowns from sponsors. The company AA Tax-Audit s.r.o. from Tbor sent 360,000 crowns, and its sole owner, David Martin, another 350,000 crowns. So Ivan Martin from Tbor wrote another 300 thousand crowns to the ODS.

The company WZL Systems sponsored the party with 200 thousand, the same was given to the ODS by the Minister of Justice Pavel Blaek and the Minister of Transport Martin Kupka. Prime Minister and ODS Petr Fiala donated 245,000 crowns and Finance Minister Zbynk Stanjura 210,000 crowns.

Babi gave his ANO 49,400 crowns, during the election of the head of the Hundred Movement, 20 million was spent

Pedseda ANO, former prime minister Andrej Babi, donated 49,400 crowns to his movement last year. The Chairman of the Government Board Karel Havlek (64,400 crowns) and female MP Alena Schillerov (59,400 crowns) said yes.

For the election of the president, last year Babi lost to Petr Pavlo, ANO spent a total of 20,265,869 crowns last year, according to the crows.

Last year, the largest financial donation was given by ANO Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, Klra Dostlov. She wrote 112 thousand crowns. As a non-party member, Dostlov will lead the ANO candidate in the European Parliament elections this year. The trio of current MEPs for ANO, Martin Hlavek, Ondej Knotek and Ondej Kovak, each contributed 100 thousand crowns.

Among the sponsors was Jan Krkoka, who a few days ago resigned from the post of governor of the Moravian-Silesian region and announced that he would also participate in the movement, sponsoring the movement last year with 91,600 crowns. Krkok was fined 200,000 crowns by the court for being part of an organized criminal group. A 12-year-old victim was hired by pharmaceutical companies.

The SPD movement received about a million in donations from sponsors. The first sponsor was MEP Ivan David, who sent 300,000 crowns, MP Radovan Vch donated 200,000 crowns to the party, and the ILV company 250,000 crowns

The traces of the PRO sponsor lead to Olomouc

The largest financial gift of non-parliamentary parties FOR Jindich Rajchl, who did not want to talk about her finances at all, gave the company WZL systems s.r.o. last year.

Its roughly two-time owner (he owns 65 percent of the company) is Petr Weigel, who paid Rajchlov 111,000 and 77,000 crowns as a natural person. Weigel is also the chairman of the board of directors of the Merit Group company, whose manager David Taka Rajchlov of the PRO party donated another 495 thousand crowns for the head of the contract.

The Regional Court in Brno in Norway annulled the fines totaling 79.2 million crowns, which were imposed in 2022 by an order to protect the economic balance of six IT companies for their compliance with cartel agreements in a contract issued by the Olomouc region. Among the companies that OHS fined in 2022 was the Merit Group.

In 2022, the Antimonopoly ad fined the companies Autocont (today Aricoma Systems), Tesco SW, ICZ, Merit Group, Asseco Central Europe, FPO and A-Scan. ICZ paid the largest fine, namely 26.8 million crowns, Merit Group 20.15 million crowns, Asseco 13.5 million crowns, Autocont 11.4 million crowns, Tesco SW 6.8 million crowns and FPO 405 thousand crowns. The company A-Scan was the only one to take legal action and received a fine of 232,000 crowns, and subsequently did not file a complaint or a fine.

The sole owner of Merit Group is TESSELA Holding SE, its chairman is Josef Tesak from Olomouc. Last April, the Olomouc Regional Court acquitted the accused in the tax case of manipulated public orders for information systems.

The case involved 24 people and the companies Tesco SW and Eunice Consulting. The attack involved 13 general contracts for information systems from 2009 and 2014, the code of which was sent to the applicant for roughly a quarter of a billion crowns. Josef Tesak, Michal Tesak and David Tesak stood before the court for the Olomouc software company Tesco SW, and the prosecutor originally proposed a sentence of 8.5 years in prison.

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