They came, they rang, that’s how it was. The seer fully revealed the visit

They came, they rang, that’s how it was. The seer fully revealed the visit
They came, they rang, that’s how it was. The seer fully revealed the visit

Tomáš Prouza, a well-known favorite of yours, made a cross over cheap Polish food. He humorously stated that while prices will fall here, they will rise in Poland, also due to the re-introduction of VAT, i.e. 5%. However, Czech citizens shopping in Poland virtually ran up to him and scolded him that they would continue to drive there. How to explain it?

He is right, Chairman. Poles introduce VAT on food. But otherwise, I dare to say that Prouza is telling us another of his fairy tales about good Czech hitlermarkets, which can go out of their way to bring our citizens the cheapest and highest quality food.

In Poland, retail chains do not have as good a home as here, so there is fierce competition that pushes prices down. In Poland, Polish farmers have the biggest margins, and chain store managers are trying to figure out how to reduce selling costs and operate with even lower margins than last year, or the competition will destroy them.


Is Andrej Babiš harming the Czech Republic?

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Before long, it will be found that it is still significantly cheaper in Poland than in our country, even though the price of wheat there is the same as here, and the price of food production is also the same. The only difference is in the lack of gluttony between Mr. Prouza and his Polish counterpart. You will see.

With Easter behind us, was it the “second cheapest Easter in our modern history”? You doubted it the last time, before Easter, but didn’t you change your mind?

I have had information from farmers and food producers that somehow they are not seeing a significant increase in orders this year. They deliver the usual amount of food as in other months. As if Easter didn’t even exist. I honestly thought Easter was going to be expensive. So people will buy less, but it will cost them more money. In the end, it turned out to be even worse. People bought so much less that even the high price did not help the retail chains to improve their balance sheets.

But we in the village have never had such a demand for homemade eggs, so it turns out that people will find their own distribution channels. On the contrary, they can do more and more without chain stores. If this trend continues, they will no longer need Prouza and he will go to destroy some other field than agriculture.

Please, you don’t seem to know that Jiří X. Doležal, who called the happily married father Petr Macinka an “incel” – that is, someone who can’t get a wife – that JXD no longer works at Reflex. And you said you had a visitor. We are interested, describe, exaggerate! And admit to the readers who haven’t read it here x times that you worked for Babiš.

That’s how it was… One day my doorbell rings and the external editor of Reflex, Petr Vrabec, is standing in front of the door and right from the door he informs me that JXD has arrived because he said he recently made a big advertisement for me. That he has known him for a long time, because they worked in the same magazine, and he referred him to me in order to somehow try to get out of me that Babiš is paying me for my blogging. JXD correctly concluded that if he had come alone, I would not have offered him port, but vitriol.

The newspaper made a scandal out of it, saying that I don’t know where JXD works. Of course, I’ve known this for a long time (and it makes the hair on my back stand on end), because it wasn’t the first time we crossed our insularity and canine abilities. But the editors of Deník would have to be of some use to know about it.

But for Parlamentní I will confess without torture and without the rhetorical tricks of Petr Vrabec. Yes, I worked for twelve years at Agrofert. More precisely, in NAVOS, a.s., where I worked as an investment technician for all Babiš grain silos in Znojmo. Last spring, I found out that I had enough readers to make a living as a blogger, and I quit Navos (much to Babiš’s relief). I left gradually, because I had to train a replacement for myself and today it is not easy to find competent people.

I had the opportunity to speak with Andrej Babiš several times. He usually wanted to know what I was actually doing and then explained to me that I was doing it stupidly. I was quietly thinking my own thing. My relationship with Andrej Babiš would probably be best described as that we both know each other exists, and we differ greatly in how we see the political future of this country.

Well, you must be happy about the fact that our president Pavel flew around in an airplane, rides a motorcycle, even skids over water… Zeman wouldn’t show us that, says the “correct” party in unison.

Yeah, that’s huge. Petr Pavel rides a motorcycle, plays hockey, skis whitewater, flies in an airplane… Zeman wouldn’t do that. They’re right. On the contrary, Putin does exactly the same thing. He also rides a motorcycle, he also whitewaters, he also plays hockey, he also flies in a plane… I mean, in a tactical bomber. Petr Pavl has only one thing left to catch up with his former Russian intelligence colleague. He hasn’t ridden a bear yet. Or he could ride a lion when he is the Czech president.

You know, I have absolutely nothing against building a cult of personality. This is how you do it when you reach a high function. But for a cult of personality you need one terribly important thing – personality. Without her, it looks like a farce.

I will always credit Miloš Zeman with the fact that he was self-aware enough to not pretend to be something he wasn’t. Zeman on the inflatable boat was a hundred times more likable to me than Petr Pavel on the kayak, because Zeman was never afraid to be Zeman. But Petr Pavel does not deny his ancient training according to KGB manuals. He resembles the Russian gosudar more than he likes.

Otherwise, when we have already bitten Miloš Zeman. It’s been about a year since he’s been president. He’s in the hospital now, but otherwise seems to be doing pretty well. How do you see his “post-presidency”? He receives a long line of visitors in his office, including you, as far as I know…

I think the old Lizard of the Castle is simply enjoying his retirement and even more enjoying the knowledge of how many times he was right, even when he was vilified for it. Remember back in 2016 when he called for our military to focus on drone weaponry? Then truth and love could bark to dishonor him for it. I personally think that Miloš Zeman will intervene in Czech politics one more time. When he received me, he didn’t look like a senior who just wants to reminisce about the old days.

You commented on the “catch” of the BIS in the form of breaking the Russian network of influence so that Koudelka subverted a news website that no one knows anyway. True, Deník N also wrote about the Voice of Europe server in question sometime in the fall, but aren’t you trivializing the problem of “Russian disinformation” in our country? Such a deputy Decroix is ​​clear – this was just one tentacle of a large octopus.

Holy shit, the Russians definitely have a whole network of agents here. But they certainly don’t write weak-minded articles on an obscure website that has no readers. If they wanted, they could set up an account with me on Litterate and they would have about a hundred times more reach than the entire Voice of Europe. Of course, Putin is not angry that Koudelka is chasing such nonsense, and because of this, he does not have time to find out how many people in Semtín are leaking sensitive information, or what beautiful mistress looks after the well-being of one of our four hundred generals, she looks like a stupid blonde, but he immediately reports everything to the Kremlin. Yeah, if Russian agents blackmailed, kidnapped, intimidated, compromised or something like that, I’d give Koudelko a bow. But he exposed a network that wrote about ten times weaker and stupider articles than I write, for example.

I think that somewhere in the dark offices of the Russian FSB there is a strict order on the table to keep Koudelka at the head of the BIS at all costs, because the Russians could not have a better ally here.

According to the Czech government, Elon Musk may also be a disinformer, who advised Ukraine that it had better come to an agreement with Russia quickly, or it could lose Odessa and access to the Black Sea. Štěpán Kotrba also predicted that Odessa would be the last Russian goal. But isn’t it cruel from the point of view of the Ukrainians that some toothy Musk advises them from the safety of the USA that they should give up when they are dying by the tens or hundreds every day?

I know this is painful advice. That defense cost so much money. Such debts were incurred. It cost so many lives, millions of people went abroad, the material damage is huge… And then someone comes who talks about defeat and negotiations.

I would like to point out that some have been talking about negotiations since the very first day of the Russian attack, when hundreds of thousands of men had not fallen, Ukraine’s energy infrastructure had not been destroyed, and the West was supplying weapons in bulk.

We are two years away and Ukraine is in a worse situation than it was in May 2022 when its negotiators rejected the Russian peace. Since then, the Russian peace has been worse and worse and the losses have been greater. The toothy Elon Musk of US security can say out loud what would be an instant execution in Kiev. That Ukraine never had a chance, could never win and can’t win now. Only millions more people can leave it and hundreds of thousands more can fall. Cities can be destroyed even more and Russia can take even more territory.

Moreover… Elon Musk is not saying this for himself, but he is conveying a message that the US administration cannot officially convey.

By the way, the elite of the Czech music scene, led by Tomáš Klus or Bára Basiková, stood up against Israel and are asking for a cease-fire. Why is it classy to call for a ceasefire in a war in the Middle East, but when you try it with Ukraine, you’re anti-social and desolate?

Are you looking for some logic in the thinking of our liberals? There is none there. Their opinions are as shallow as their knowledge. They just started calling it “value politics”. I recommend Tomáš Klus and Bára Basiková to find out in time (preferably with Markéta Pekarová Adamová) on whose side they should stand in the event of a war between Armenia and Azerbaijan. There is also a nice melee coming up, which will be quite similar to the war in Gaza in terms of humanity and consideration, so that they don’t find out that they missed out again and no one will employ them anymore. Today, truth and love have a belly instead of a heart and a mouth instead of a soul.

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author: Jaroslav Polansky

The article is in Czech

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