The Clean up the Czech Republic event is approaching. Volunteers can apply at the municipality


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4/2/2024 7:35 AM

ČESKÉ BUDĚJOVICE – The Clean Up the Czech Republic event, during which people can lend a hand and help clean up their surroundings, will start throughout the Czech Republic on Saturday, April 6. České Budějovice will not be an exception. The municipality will provide volunteers with the necessary information and bags and gloves.

Last fall, more than 250 residents went to various locations in České Budějovice as part of the Clean Up the Czech Republic event, collecting a total of 2.5 tons of garbage. “I believe that now in the spring there will be even more of us. I would like to invite citizens, associations, sports clubs and companies to join us in this event. As usual, I will collect the garbage personally and I will also ask the entire city management and municipality employees to participate. We already know about the companies and groups of people who will join the spring cleaning. It would be really nice if as many of us as possible met in all parts of Budějovice,” says the deputy mayor Michal Šebek, who organizes the event at the town hall.

Volunteers can count on the support of the municipality. Employees of the Department of Public Assets Management (SVS) will provide the necessary information, advice, help with the selection of routes, coordinate individual groups, activities and interested parties. Bags of collected waste will be collected and disposed of free of charge, after agreement with the SVS department, by FCC, which also offers bags and gloves for this purpose.

Author: Monika Prokýšková

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