The driver was turning on the main drag, he was swept away by a van



All emergency services responded to this morning’s traffic accident

This morning at six o’clock there was a traffic accident on the I/26 road near Újezd ​​in Domažlick, during which a van and a car collided.

It was reported from the scene that one of the drivers was injured, so all emergency services went to the accident.

Firefighters secured the scene of the accident, carried out fire prevention measures and disposed of the leaked operating fluids. Rescuers took the driver of the car into custody.
“A man born in 1958 was transported to a hospital in Domažlice with minor injuries,” the press spokeswoman for the rescuers told us.

“The driver, born in 1958, was driving a Škoda factory vehicle in the direction from the village of Horšovský Týn to the village of Babylon, when he began to turn the vehicle at the bus stop in the direction back to the village of Horšovský Týn. At the same time, he did not give way to a Man van driving along the main road and a collision occurred. Alcohol was ruled out for both drivers by a breath test,” the police spokeswoman added, adding that the police are still investigating the circumstances of the accident.

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Just six days ago, another, this time serious, traffic accident occurred not far from this location, also caused by an inappropriate turn:

This morning’s serious traffic accident is due to the turning of one of the drivers

On Wednesday, March 27, around seven o’clock in the morning, a traffic accident occurred on the I/26 road between Stod and Holýšov, during which two Škoda and Ford passenger cars collided. While the Ford was pushed off the road after the collision, where it overturned onto its roof.

All emergency services went to the accident and traffic on the road was completely stopped.

Firefighters secured the scene of the accident, carried out fire prevention measures and disposed of leaking operating fluids, while rescuers took care of one injured person, who was transported to the hospital after treatment on the spot.

“We transported a man born in 1992 with numerous minor injuries and mainly due to the mechanism of the accident from the site to the Acute Reception of the Plzeň Lochotín University Hospital,” the spokesperson for the rescuers told us.

“According to the information found so far, a driver born in 1957 was driving a Škoda Octavia in the direction of travel from Holýšov to Stod. In a place where there are two lanes for each direction of travel, he turned the vehicle and collided with a Ford vehicle traveling in the same direction .
The driver of the Ford, born in 1992, was transported to the hospital. The breath tests carried out were negative and both drivers were traveling alone in the vehicles.”
the police spokeswoman told us, adding that the police are still investigating the cause and circumstances of the traffic accident.

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