The Czech Republic is not ready for crises, the SAO stated

The Czech Republic is not ready for crises, the SAO stated
The Czech Republic is not ready for crises, the SAO stated

According to the controllers, real changes that would improve preparedness for crises are minimal. The annual report of the SAO states that many inspections pointed to mere formal steps without significant results.

The SAO also states that the system for the protection of soft targets is insufficiently developed and the state of protection of the population is neglected. According to the SAO, the population protection system in the Czech Republic has fundamental shortcomings, which include insufficient information among citizens and a lack of necessary resources, such as masks and permanent shelters.

The Ministry of Defense cannot effectively use the money provided, although its expenses are increasing. The Ministry also concludes contracts for the supply of weapons without competition directly with selected foreign governments or manufacturers, which can lead to inefficient spending of funds.

Last year, for example, the Ministry of Defense, based on the recommendation of the army, decided to buy 24 American F-35 aircraft for 150 billion crowns, which is the most expensive Czech army purchase. The SAO emphasizes the need to strengthen the defense capabilities of the Czech Republic, but points to the need for effective use of available resources.

Expenditure by the Ministry of Defense has almost doubled in recent years, but the office warns that previous inspections did not demonstrate the efficient and economical use of these funds.

The ministry did not ensure the planned renewal of military vehicle technology or the material needs of the army in the field of radiation, chemical and biological protection. The average age of army vehicles is almost 21 years, with some in service for up to 39 years. Defense Minister Jana Černochová (ODS) emphasized last year that the age of the vehicles is the result of investigations in recent decades.

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