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Barbora Janíčková awarded.
Photo:, Jakub Cermák

Tuesday, April 2, 2024, 10:05 a.m
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At the Olomouc town hall, awards were presented to the best athletes of Olomouc for the year 2023. The prize for 2nd place in the individual category was received by SK UP swimmer Barbora Janíčková, who studied physical education and biology, Jiří Kratochvíl became the coach of the year, who trains successful canoeists at SK UP and works at the Department of Recreation of FTK UP. Among the sports personalities awarded on the occasion of 90 years of Olomouc athletics, the award was given to Hana Válková, a sports psychologist and an important mover in the field of applied physical activities, who previously worked at the FTK UP and was also the dean of the faculty. More info.


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