He paid twice for the wellness stay

He paid twice for the wellness stay
He paid twice for the wellness stay

ZLÍNSKO: He sent the money to fraudsters.

In abbreviated pre-trial proceedings, criminal investigators suspected two men from a village in the Zlín region of 18 and 23 years of age who had defrauded a twenty-six-year-old man of more than 17,000. The fraudsters, who have not yet been punished, confessed and described how they committed the said act.

The two men were thinking about how they could come up with money as quickly as possible and got an idea. They agreed to contact the friend of the mother of one of them and tell him that he should come for a romantic weekend stay at the wellness hotel in Zlín and that it is necessary to pay the amount of 8,450 crowns. The man agreed. One of the scammers sent the payment details to the man and used his account number. Two days later they called the same man again and told him that the money he had sent had not arrived and that the weekend stay had to be paid for again, this time to a different account number. The man believed it and sent the same amount to another account number. This time it was the account of the girlfriend of the second of the fraudsters. Both of them came up with the sum of 8,540 crowns, which they used for their own expenses.

The defrauded man tried to contact them again asking them to send him an invoice. When he did not plead with them, he called the incriminated hotel in Zlín, where he learned that he had no reservation in his name, so he contacted the police. It didn’t take long for criminal investigators to track down both fraudsters.

April 2, 2024, Lt. Bc. Monika Kozumpliková

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