Security analyst on support for Palestine among the stars: A stark message to Klus and others


Security analyst Mikulecký admitted at the Epicenter that the Czech music scene is not very close to him and he does not know many of our performers. He got a fairly clear picture of what they showed at the Anděl awards on Saturday. “Probably the only figure among the people standing there that I have noticed in the past was Mr. Klus, I am not able to classify the rest of those people, what kind of artist is this,” Mikulecký said right at the beginning of the Epicenter and continued in criticism of the red badge that the performers wore pinned to their clothing.

Mikulecký: They should find out something about it

Musician Tomáš Klus appeared at the Anděl award ceremony with a badge depicting orange hands on a red background. The trot thus joined the initiative of American artists, who in this way try to draw attention to the situation in Gaza. But the gesture was met with criticism.

“As for that sign of the red hand. I have already heard a number of excuses from their side about the fact that it is a peace symbol, it is not a peace symbol, it is a symbol that the Palestinians like to use as a sign of the massacre of the Jews,” uclarified Mikulecký, adding that he understands that our artists are inspired by their colleagues abroad, but according to him, inspiration is not enough.

“It would be good to find out about it first. I do not dispute that each of us has the right to choose a side in whatever conflict we stand on.” stated Mikulecký and pointed out that, for example, Tomáš Klus did not support Israel on his social networks.

Since there is no Jew there, it is not so interesting

“With these people, and I’m sorry, at mIt all seems more like an impression, as far as the Jews are concerned, we are happy to dig into it, because I have not noticed any Czech artists anywhere during any of the tragedies that have taken place in the world in the last five years or so, whether they are massacres Christians in Nigeria, whether it is the famine that is going on in Sudan or the famine that is going on in Yemen, it’s just that the Jew isn’t there, so it’s not that interesting,” concluded Mikulecký.

According to Klus, however, the badge on his jacket and the clothes of the others meant only one thing. He made this statement on his Instagram profile:

“This symbol has always been a symbol against war and killing, until this year at the Oscars it was used by ‘Artistsforceasefire’ in response to the Israeli vl“Ada is a symbol of hatred against Jews and with a reference to the disgusting massacre in Ramallah,” wrote Klus on social networks.

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