Bulovka Hospital: Swap patients during surgery, the police is in contact with both


It was supposed to be about standard gynecological examination, which would draw attention to possible complications or, on the contrary, confirm that the pregnancy is going well. Instead, a woman of foreign nationality she went to the operating room. Doctors performed the so-called curettage, which is a procedure in which the endometrium is removed. At the same time, it is a procedure that can terminate the pregnancy, which happened in this case.

“As a result of serious violations and non-compliance with internal regulations by employees, starting an operation on an incorrectly identified patient,Eva Stolejda Libigerová, spokeswoman for the hospital, told CNN Prima News last week. Unfortunately, the operation left deep physical and psychological scars on the woman.

Both women are already cooperating with the police

Although the hospital expressed deep regret over the whole incident, the police are investigating the case. The one under investigation she needed to talk not only with a patient who miscarried due to an unplanned operationbut also the woman who was originally supposed to undergo the procedure.

While the injured woman has been cooperating with detectives since last week, they are only now in contact with the second woman. “At the moment I can say that detectives are communicating with both injured women, which figure in the case,” police spokeswoman Eva Kropáčová told novinky.cz. The whole unfortunate situation should have been recorded by the fact that both women are foreigners of Asian originso the language barrier could also lead to misunderstandings between hospital staff and patients.

Millions in damages

According to lawyer Dagmar Raupachová, this is a gross mistake that will certainly have its consequences. According to Michal Zikán, the head of the gynecology-obstetrics clinic on Bulovka, four employees were put out of service as a result of this mistake. However, this is only the beginning. “If serious bodily harm due to negligence is proven, there would be a risk of imprisonment, a fine or a ban on activity or a combination thereof“, Raupach told Bleska.

Lawyer Dagmar Raupachová to replace patients at Bulovka

As far as the monetary penalty is concerned, the lawyer Fr million amounts. “According to the information published so far, when an unwanted abortion occurred on the part of the patient, I would first mention that such a situation cannot be fully compensated anyway. And any woman who has had an unwanted abortion will certainly confirm this to me. However, if I were to give an estimate, I would see it in the higher millions,” she said of the possible punishment.

Bulovka University Hospital.

Bulovka University Hospital.

Author: Blesk.cz – David Malík

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