A rare hyena gave birth to young in Dvora, after a week they are already leaving the shed

A rare hyena gave birth to young in Dvora, after a week they are already leaving the shed
A rare hyena gave birth to young in Dvora, after a week they are already leaving the shed

Mlata was born on April 24. As the breeder could observe, small hyenas are healthy, strong and, compared to other species, unusually mobile. With the first-born mother, stay in absolute peace in the earth.

We anticipated the birth and ensured complete peace in the quarters and the surrounding area. Currently, only a very limited group of people have access there. Even for that, the female breeding will become very sharp. However, he gets old and abandoned for a long time, zoologist Gabriela Linhart explains.

When compared to the hammers of other elements, the hyenas are large, strong and well developed. Already on the fourth day after the birth, one of them left the maternity ward to our surprise. But his mother quickly carried him back to the zoo. She gradually climbed out of the birthing shed and gave birth, always only for a short time.

The Safari Park received the hyenas, which are now less than two years old, in May 2023 from a specialized breeding center in South Africa, and supported it financially. The center is dedicated to the breeding, research and protection of hyenas and other species.

It was very difficult to invite people from South Africa. The zoologist went there on a several-day visit, during which she gathered the necessary information in the evening. Zoo editor Pemysl Rabas was also in South Africa to discuss the possibility of restoring the breeding population in European gardens.

I had the opportunity to take a preventive inspection of the relatively early-born cubs that we wanted to get for the safari park. I personally vouched for the quality of the soil, which we invited to Pemysl Rabas for these extraordinary events. Diverse breeder’s breed of hyenas drink the professionalism of yard breeders, zoologists, veterinarians and feed.

Just two types of termites

According to available information, less than ten zoos in the world breed hyenas. The variety was successful only in those of them.

Hyena snort

It is an elm from the semi-pilgrimage and pilgrim regions south, central and eastern Africa. It is the smallest of all the hyenas, from which it differs in appearance and way of life.

It’s about a vrazon food specialist: iv se takka vahrad vegas and insects. It is also adapted to this teeth the hyena, which is a ball-shaped evolution, was gradually reduced and its shape changed. They are used for easy crushing of insects. They have such a long, very mobile tongue and a notoriously sticky saliva that blends into the sticky part.

ije in the dust; the territories of the male and female cross blood. The male will go around the territories of many females and drink with them. If the female brings out the young, the male digs the burrow, and the female hunts for the young. In humans, they live to be around 15 years old and weigh 14 kilograms, males are not females.

In the world of the ZIMS database, they are currently listed in addition to those Czech jets two hyenas soliti jinch subspecies in Novosibirsk and Cincinnati. Hyenas are returning to the Eskise zoo after 65 years. One mole appeared at the Prague Zoo.

In human history, hyenas have always been extremely rare, as they are an important food specialist.

only two types of termites sleep at most. Our living room experts have put together a free dinner menu for each of our guests. They were based on the basis of colleagues from South Africa and their own experience with the breeding of other food specialists and elms in the safari park, writes Pemysl Rabas.

In addition to dry and fresh insects, the hyenas’ feed also includes various granules for insects and elms, meat sauce and the like.

All species of hyenas

The safari park currently breeds all species of hyenas: spotted hyenas, han and abrakov, and snarling hyenas. The collection has no parallel in the world.

The hyenas occupied the exhibit, which until now the hyenas had tried to stain. They soon became a huge hit in the West Cape area. The space being built for the pavilion is ideal for the second element, for example first for hyenas, notes Pemysl Rabas.

Compared to the past, there are many nooks for breeding. Increase the exposure and get as many shots as possible. Therefore, the zoo decided to leave the Ussuri tigers, which are from Asia and have completely different life needs.

Spotted hyenas moved into the white tiger attack, which then stuck to the West Cape construction site and won a double attack. This created a place suitable for breeding small and rare hyenas. In 2015, the same mylenka also took a tame lion to an extensive lion safari, which does not exist in the country.

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