Prague will buy works of art for the subway vestibule and under the bridge


According to the city, something like a botanical garden will be created under the Dvorecký most bridge, a construction costing more than a billion crowns, from Kinter’s lamps on the Zlích bank. However, Prague must purchase it. “The amount reaches 15 million crowns,” said Deputy Mayor Jiří Pospíšil (TOP 09) after approval by councilors.

Kinter’s installation will consist of several dozen street lamps from all over the world, which were collected as part of the Light Removes Darkness project.

Even more, 18.7 million crowns, according to his colleague Zdenek Hřib (Pirates), Prague will pay for the installation of a new work in the lobby of Florence. Jan Poš’s Synapse won the Light for the Metro competition last year. The work is to complete the current demanding construction work, during which the ceiling slab is being changed. Poš has put together a sculpture that, with its electrical discharges, resembles a kind of neural network or a city transport system. According to Hřib, it is not just about moving from one place to another. “It should happen in an aesthetic environment,” said Hřib.

According to Poš, the sculpture will be placed on the wall opposite the main staircase of the subway, so that it is revealed when moving up the stairs and is part of the daily journey. “The format and style of the work revives and expands the existing mosaic – the Battle of Sokolov, thus creating a bridge between the history and the present of the metropolitan area,” Poš previously described his intention.

Prague presented art designs for metro D


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