The new look of Masaryk Square causes embarrassment

The new look of Masaryk Square causes embarrassment
The new look of Masaryk Square causes embarrassment

Photo: Visualization the city of Uherské Hradiště / The city announced the architectural competition for the first time on the occasion of the 750th anniversary of the city’s founding, the winning proposal remained in the drawer. How will the second attempt go?

A huge wave of public criticism was caused by the winning proposal for the transformation of Masaryk Square in Uherské Hradiště, which in the overwhelming majority envisages covering it with concrete. People also find it hard to breathe due to the lack of greenery and a significant reduction in parking spaces. However, the town hall likes the new look, the expert jury chose from eleven competing proposals.

When the town hall posted the winning design of the author’s collective of architects from Brno on the website and social networks, the reactions did not take long. And the vast majority are negative. “Almost like Red Square…”, “Square like a Spartakiad.” I don’t like it at all. Not much green.”, “Are you serious?” or “If there is a petition against this abomination, I’ll be happy to sign it.” Only the transformation of Nádražní Street garnered positive reactions.

Pavlína Jagošová, deputy mayor of Uherské Hradiště, responded to the wave of criticism on her Facebook profile. “I believe that most residents understand that the new look of the square is the work of experts who deserve trust. The square has always been intended for meetings, which a modern and enlightened person understands. It can never become a park, that’s why I see the new form as a new beginning, which is also a look into the future,” said Jagošová, adding that the vibrant city deserves fresh wind to blow into the center itself.

The urban and architectural competition, which dealt not only with the transformation of Masaryk Square, but also the adjacent Nádražní, Protzkarova and Poštovní streets, attracted 11 applicants, from whom a jury of experts from the ranks of architects and the academic sphere chose. Experts from the fields of transport, historic preservation and archeology also participated in the assessment. The competition was two-round. “In the first round, the jury focused primarily on the urban and architectural quality of the proposals, on the quality of architectural detail solutions, the degree of respect for historical values ​​and the feasibility of the proposal,” explained Jagošová. Four proposals progressed to the second round, which the authors further elaborated according to the recommendations of the jury, which ultimately pointed to the work of the authors’ collective of architects from Brno. According to the city, their winning proposal represents the basic philosophy of the future shape of the square. “The square should primarily serve people who should feel comfortable here. In the winning proposal, I therefore appreciate new water features, ecological management of rainwater, addition of greenery, a barrier-free solution and overall calming of traffic,” said Stanislav Blaha, the mayor of Uherské Hradiště, who is also pleased with the idea of ​​commemorating the remains of the church of St. Jiří, demolished in 1785. “It stood in the middle of the square. With its rendering, we will wait for the results of the archaeological survey, which will precede the reconstruction of the square,” added Blaha.

Architects from Brno bet on unifying the area of ​​the square and creating a living area with a new water element in front of the Slunce Hotel. However, they significantly reduce traffic accessibility, only Poštovní street will remain as a two-way street, with the road widening at the expense of canceling the sidewalk along the post office building. About three quarters of the existing 80 spaces will disappear from the square, drivers will now only park in front of the town hall and the post office. At the church of St. František Xaverský will create a representative space.

Nádražní Street will be transformed into a pedestrian zone, which will give the city a dignified entrance from the train station and at the same time enable the creation of smaller market places with the possible placement of food tracks. The city will also support the revival of other outdoor gardens in the street.

The medal winners of the architectural competition received a million crowns, the town hall was relieved by a grant of 400,000 crowns from the Ministry of Regional Development.

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