The bridge in Jirkov has been demolished, the builders are building a new one. The closure will last until August


/PHOTO, VIDEO/ Work on the new bridge over the Podkrušnohorský priváděč in Jirkovská Jirásková street has progressed. The old road bridge is gone and a new one will soon be taking shape, which will include a footbridge.

A new bridge is being built in Jirkov.

| Video: Diary/Miroslava Šebestová

“We have completed the demolition and are currently working on the micropiles for the new foundation of the bridge. Later, it will be time to tie the reinforcement, formwork and concreting the foundations,” construction manager Lukáš Berky described the stage of the work. “We are going according to plan. We also worked on the Easter holidays,” he emphasized.

The supplier company is the company Insky from Ústí nad Labem, which performs the order for the Ústí Region. He has to pay more than 9.7 million crowns for her.

Demolition work began on the first day of March. People passing through are not restricted in any way, as a temporary footbridge has spanned the banks. In the same way, hikers and cyclists do not face major obstacles on the way along the feeder. However, drivers must expect a long-term closure, which causes them to drive extra kilometers. They can only use the large circuit through the upper housing estates, even in case they need to turn towards Boleboř and further into the mountains, where there are popular cottage areas.

The new bridge is due to be completed at the end of August. During the closure, public transport is diverted along an alternative route.

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Source: Diary/Miroslava Šebestová


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