A routine procedure in twenty minutes. The capsule pacemaker in FNOL can

A routine procedure in twenty minutes. The capsule pacemaker in FNOL can
A routine procedure in twenty minutes. The capsule pacemaker in FNOL can

Surgery in a short time, moreover much more comfortable for patients. In the Faculty Hospital in Olomouc, doctors implant electrodeless or capsule pacemakers. Cardiologists in Olomouc have been using this modern technology since 2016. It is now a routine procedure that saves money and medical capacity.

The procedure should only take a very short time, which is convenient for the health professionals and the patients themselves, who will thus spend less time in the hospital. “In the best case, it is done within twenty minutes of the start of the procedure itself, and the patient goes home the next day. Of course, he continues to be monitored, with the help of modern telemedicine means, i.e. remotely and without the need to personally visit our workplace.” says Professor Miloš Táborský, head of the 1st Internal Cardiology Clinic.

Cardiologists at the Olomouc University Hospital have already performed 150 such procedures, and more should be added this year. “For me, as the head of the clinic, it is very important and gratifying that all our doctors are already able to perform this type of procedure. In addition, as a teaching workplace, we participate in this direction in the training of doctors from, for example, Ostrava, Zlín and other cities and regions,” Táborský explains other advantages.

This new approach should also minimize possible postoperative complications and associated risks, such as sudden heart muscle failure, bacterial infection or vascular complications such as hemothorax or pneumothorax. The pacemaker is implanted into the body under local anesthesia via the femoral vein. It reaches its destination, i.e. the right heart chamber or atrium, under X-ray control.

During this year, approximately sixty patients should receive these modern pacemakers at the Faculty Hospital in Olomouc.

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