Regular siren test – Cysnews

Regular siren test – Cysnews
Regular siren test – Cysnews

On Wednesday, April 3, 2024, a regular operational test of the unified warning and notification system will take place throughout the territory of the Czech Republic. At 12:00 o’clock the sirens will sound, which will emit a continuous test tone for 140 seconds. In the territory of the capital city of Prague, people will be alerted to the exam before noon by means of electronic “talking” sirens. Information will be provided in Czech and English.

On the basis of the decree of the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic, the verification of the operability of the unified warning system is repeated every first Wednesday of the month, since October 2002. The test of the system in Hl. m. of Prague is activated from the Operations and Information Center of the Fire and Rescue Service, Hl. city ​​of Prague.

Before the actual exam, from the Operations Center of the Crisis Staff, Mr. m. of Prague sent information about the upcoming test via the electronic sirens of the autonomous system of warning and informing the capital. City of Prague in the following wording (in Czech and English):

“Siren test, siren test, siren test. A siren test will take place in a few minutes. Siren test, siren test, siren test.’

“Test of sirens, test of sirens, test of sirens. Test of sirens will continue within several minutes. Test of sirens, test of sirens, test of sirens.”

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