Five years of hell. The little girl was allegedly raped by her own grandfather for years

Five years of hell. The little girl was allegedly raped by her own grandfather for years
Five years of hell. The little girl was allegedly raped by her own grandfather for years

The case took place in a small town in the Karlovy Vary region, which Deník will not specify in view of the sensitivity of the case and the protection of the victim, as well as not publish the name and face of the defendant, according to which the victim could be identified.

Source: Deník/Milan Kilián

“From 2017, at least twice a month, until December 2022, in his apartment in order to satisfy his sexual urges, he took advantage of the situation when a minor, entrusted to his care as a grandfather, was sleeping with him, thereby abusing, among other things, her dependence on him, Prosecutor Roman Šustáček stated that the defendant touched the girl’s genitals while she was lying in bed and performed other sexual practices. He stopped his action only when the little girl who was in pain started to move and turn. “According to the conclusion of an expert opinion in the field of healthcare, the children’s sector psychiatrya milder form of post-traumatic stress disorder was detected in the minor victim, which manifests itself in anxiety states, sleep disorders or restriction of social contacts,” added Šustáček.

The defendant AS (65), who is a professional driver, pleaded not guilty in court. “It’s not true. At that time, I traveled a lot and was often out, I was at home only a few days a month. From 2017 to the spring of 2022, when my mother died, I could count the number of times my granddaughter slept with us on the fingers of one hand. She was always on the extra bed with mom, I was in my room,” claimed AS to the court, who, according to him, raised four children, three of his own and one of his stepchildren. While he is in contact with his sons, he does not communicate with his daughter at all.

Even the condition did not stop the stalker. He will be examined by a forensic expert

After his mother’s death, according to his statement, the granddaughter slept with him only twice, but once it was with the family, and the second time, in December 2022, she was there alone. He denied engaging in any sexual activities with her at that time. According to her, she cannot explain how it is possible that she returned home without panties. When asked by the representative, he then admitted that he had already had problems in the family in the past due to inappropriate behavior towards his granddaughter. “When she was little, I oiled her hair after bathing her. If you saw the state of her natural skin, you would cry,” said AS to Senate President Jan Hostaš, adding that he then kissed his granddaughter, but it was not “directly on the bun”. Nevertheless, he is said to have received a terrible “ceres” from his relatives.

The trial will continue with the questioning of both the girl’s parents and other witnesses, including forensic experts, and with the playback of the testimony of the ten-year-old girl today. Men for rape faces 5 to 12 years in prison, the public prosecutor proposed a sentence for him in the indictment at the lower limit of the criminal rate. In addition, the injured party’s attorney is demanding non-pecuniary damage from him in the amount of 250,000 crowns.

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