Jablonec nad Nisou and other municipalities will join the Clean up the Czech Republic event


Jablonec nad Nisou – Jablonec is joining the initiative Clean up the Czech Republic. Local authorities and volunteers are preparing to clean public spaces and fight against black dumps. Everyone can join.

Let’s clean up the world 2023, archive.

| Photo: Czech Association of Nature Protectors

Clean up the Czech Republic is a volunteer event whose goal is to clean up black dumps and clutter throughout the Czech Republic and raise awareness of the problem of improper waste management. “Several groups of volunteers in Jablonec nad Nisou will also be involved in the cleaning work. The public can, through their own initiative and experience, become familiar with the seriousness of the occurrence of black dumps and waste both in nature and in the city,” explained Jablonec’s deputy for the environment and city strategy, Lenka Opočenská.

The municipality of Jablonec will join the cleaning event on Friday, April 5. Both Lenka Opočenská and deputy Jana Hamplová will participate in the cleaning for the city management, together with the employees of the department of urban ecology. They will clean public spaces in the city center and the surrounding area. Anyone can join.

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“You always have to clean up the garden after winter and prepare for the arrival of spring. And the whole city of Jablonec is like one big garden for us,” added Jana Hamplová, Jablonec’s deputy for humanitarian affairs.

The heart of the event are volunteer organizers of local clean-ups. “These are the people who take responsibility and organize the cleaning in a place they choose, and then take care of the smooth progress of the cleaning all the time,” explained Ludmila Rosenbaumová from the circular economy department of the Jablonec municipality.

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This year’s main spring cleaning day is Saturday, April 6. However, local organizers can schedule a cleanup at any time. All information can be found on the website www.uklidmecesko.cz. There are also instructions on how to participate in spring cleaning as volunteers and organizers.

If someone is determined to get involved in cleaning the city, just contact Ludmila Rosenbaumová ([email protected]) and report participation. “If you decide to organize a local cleaning, you can request garbage bags and report the location and the date of the cleaning so that we can ensure the collection of the collected waste,” added Ludmila Rosenbaumová.

On the website uklidmecesko.cz, there are already thirty cleanings registered for this year’s cleaning in Jabloneck alone.


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