One World began. What should you not miss?

One World began. What should you not miss?
One World began. What should you not miss?

The 25th edition of the international human rights film festival One World began in Olomouc. The organizer is People in Need. In addition to documentaries, visitors can also see virtual reality films for the first time this year. The festival takes place all week at several locations. Check out our editor’s picks.

Borders of Europe

Apolena Rychlíková’s documentary film opened the entire festival. Investigative journalist Saša Uhlová goes undercover to work on a German farm, in an Irish hotel and as a carer for the elderly in France. He records everything on a hidden camera and keeps a diary. A film about the poor working conditions of economic migrants, consolation in alcohol, a vision of a better future, but in some cases rather a complete resignation to a better situation.

We want to get the film to the European Parliament in Brussels. We want to stimulate discussion at higher levels as well. It’s about making everyone think, we made language versions for a wide audience. Now it’s just a matter of who chooses our film, but it would be important for it to reach the East, so that they can see what the work really looks like and that it doesn’t always have to be that way.” stated the film’s editor Kateřina Krutská-Vrbová at the opening.

One world for families

The festival also prepared a program for younger viewers. Families can choose from two screenings, which include three shorter films arranged according to the age of the audience. The films include, for example, My Deaf Brother, which presents a family with a hearing-impaired child, or Skate!, in which young girls stand up for their hobby and fight the prejudices of others.

My new face

Twenty-five-year-old Martina’s life is turned upside down after her ex-partner burns her with acid. He loses his sight, his face and upper half of his body are burned. After a long struggle for her life, Martina reevaluates her priorities and slowly begins a new life. A story about a brave woman who did not give up even after a strong tragedy.

A band of VR movies

During the entire duration of the festival, three short virtual reality films can be viewed in the Fortress of Knowledge. The first film is Texada, in which, for example, minerals come to life. Another is called 21-22 China, which shows a disturbing flyby over China and human influence on landscape changes. The latest film is called Bright Spots and presents the story of a young soldier, Dan, who was hit by shrapnel.

Movies with a strong story

The One World festival is dedicated to human rights, so it also deals with very unpleasant topics. Movies with a strong story include, for example, Venezuela: Land of Lost Children, which shows life, violence or poverty in the Venezuelan slums there. Director Agnieszka Holland’s film called Hranice tells the story of a family fleeing from Syria to Europe. The film White Angel shows authentic testimony about Russian war crimes.

Accompanying program

An accompanying program is also prepared as part of the festival. Today, for example, you can sign up for the Václav Havel quiz or walk in the footsteps of visual smog with Veronika Rút Fullerová. For lovers of underground and pop music, there will be a concert by the band Midnight Swimmers on Friday. The festival will conclude on Saturday with the popular historical podcast by Martin Groman and Michal Stehlík entitled Rewrite the History.

You can find the complete programme, places and times of broadcasting here.

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