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For the grand opening, Mireille Mathieu and her accompanying orchestra will give a second concert on December 18, 2024 in the Prague Congress Center. Thanks to the great rush of Czech fans, the French ansonirka is returning to Prague, and this year she will again have two concerts – on December 17 and 18 as part of her new tour, which she poetically named 60 Years of Love.

Mireille Mathieu is loved by audiences all over the world despite being the world’s leading singer. She is the successor of the legendary French ansonette Edith Piaf. And first, Edith Piaf’s songs helped Mireille Mathieu in her musical endeavors.

Especially the ansons by the young Mireille brought to the fore the French, and then the world audience. In her 60 years in the music industry, she has released countless original songs and performed at almost every festival. His popularity is also evidenced by his millions of sold albums. As a world famous singer, she has collaborated with the biggest stars like Paul Anka, Charles Aznavour, Tom Jones, Julio Iglesias and many others. Her songs such as Mon Credo, Acropolis Adieu and Santa Maria de la Mer are indelibly written in musical history.

Mireille Mathieu will come to Prague with a new concert program, which in two dates on December 17th and 18th will set the atmosphere and the mood of the girls and listeners, who can enjoy one of these concerts like a beautiful dragon in front of the lighted trees outside. Both concerts take place in the Prague Congress Center, which, in addition to the renovated concert hall, is filled with excellent acoustics.

Tickets for the additional concert will go on sale from Monday, April 8 at the Ticketportal store, but thanks to the flexibility in iDNES Premium, you have the unique opportunity to buy tickets to the best places from Friday, April 5, from 10 a.m..

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