Didn’t you see her? The patient did not return to the hospital, she may be dangerous


Milan Kilian

Reporter of the Pilsen region

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The police have been searching in vain for several days for a woman who did not return from a permitted walk around the grounds of the Psychiatric Hospital in Dobřany and did not report herself. At the same time, Žaneta Bajgerová from Sokolovsk can be a danger to herself and those around her. It’s not the first time the police are looking for her.

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Missing Žaneta Bajgerová.

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A nationwide search for the thirty-nine-year-old woman was announced on March 31. “The missing person is a patient of the Dobřany Psychiatric Hospital. She did not return from her permitted walk around the grounds of the psychiatric hospital and has not reported herself to date. The hospital insists on the return of the patient, a woman without medication can be dangerous to herself or those around her,” said police spokeswoman Dagmar Brožová. Bajgerová is of medium build, 170-175 centimeters tall, has medium-length blond hair and brown eyes. He only has the remains of his teeth. She should be wearing a blue tracksuit and a red jacket.

“The police will accept any information about a missing person on the free emergency line of the Police of the Czech Republic 158 or at any police station,” concluded Brožová.

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The police were already looking for the same woman last year, when she also did not return to the hospital.

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