The government supported the change in school funding


“The current system of financing regional education is largely unique in Europe. After several years of its operation, some strengths and weaknesses can be seen,” said Bek.

“The main problem is that it generates an unexpectedly rapid increase in personnel capacities for a number of actors, i.e. new positions in schools, at the rate of approximately four thousand new teaching positions every year. This is a change that in many ways goes against the success of raising teachers’ salaries, as this and probably future governments intend,” he mentioned.

According to Bek, new teaching positions are increasing even though the baby boomers are starting to recede.

7,800 teachers were added. The ministry is starting to slow down


However, he emphasized that the goal of the adjustment is not cuts or short-term savings. The change should lead to a sustainable state where there will not be too many working hours and at the same time the quality of education will not be threatened.

“Today in the Czech Republic, we have an average class size of 19 children, which is very comfortable from the point of view of Europe,” he recalled.

According to him, schools will continue to be able to divide teaching in some subjects beyond the scope of duties, for example in foreign languages. In the same way, schools should not lose the opportunity to organize tandem teaching, when two cantors are added during one lesson.

The maximum will not be reduced, for example, in small-class schools that have two classes

Mikuláš Bek (STAN)

The minister recalled that the current system also allows the founders to divide a large school into three small ones, which, according to Bek, is undesirable not only from the point of view of the effectiveness of the resources spent, but also the quality of teaching. In the past, he has criticized that an overly generous system also leads to the fact that even small schools with classes for sixteen children divide the teaching, although this apparently has no effect on its quality.

“In the negotiations, however, we also agreed that the maximum would not be reduced, for example, in small-class schools that have two classes, because this would endanger the fullness of the time-tables,” he pointed out.

Teachers’ salaries increased by 1,663 crowns. The government’s goals are moving away

Science and schools

In the near future, the government regulation should be supplemented by another regulation that will give financial advantages to schools that operate in a socioeconomically disadvantaged environment or educate an increased number of foreigners, or to a greater extent devote themselves to exceptionally gifted children. Higher consideration should also be given to schools that are located in an area with poorer traffic services.

Not long ago, the proposed changes caused nervousness among school representatives. Originally, the ministry proposed that the funding ceiling be reduced by six percent in the case of elementary schools and by fifteen percent in the case of secondary schools. The principals rebelled against this, because such an intervention would have fatal consequences for many schools – they would not be able to provide education.

End of encyclopedic knowledge? Bek started a debate about the curriculum



It turned out that the Ministry of Education could not include, for example, practical training in companies in its calculations, because it does not show up as school training.

Concerns bubbled to the surface last fall, when teachers of three-quarters of kindergartens, primary and secondary schools participated in a warning one-day strike.

There are too many delays. But do not interrupt the preparatory classes, experts advise



Enrollment for the 1st grades of elementary school has begun, the specific date is up to the principals

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