United Islands of Prague will open the Prague festival season in early May

United Islands of Prague will open the Prague festival season in early May
United Islands of Prague will open the Prague festival season in early May

During this year’s four festival days in the range May 1 to 4 the audience will be able to listen to the greatest musical discoveries of the European twenty-seven countries. Artists from France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Slovenia, Denmark, Ireland, Sweden or the Faroe Islands will perform outside the domestic scene.

On Wednesday May 1 for example, a Polish singer and producer will gradually appear on the scene Baasha Slovenian pop-rock band LPS or Hungarian Freakin’ Disco, whose music has such power that it “shoots the visitors into space”. The Czech scene will be represented by a rock band Glad For Today.

The second festival the day will focus mainly on domestic talents, to whom United Islands will give space through the club night. This year it will be located on 10 different scenes across Prague clubs. In addition, there will be a concert against xenophobia on Strelec Island Symphony for Humanityon which he will also perform, among other things Ben Cristovao and Sofian Medjmedj. Friday’s program will bring music fans a varied palette of performers across Europe.

Among the biggest foreign attractions will be, for example, Irish indie-pop duo 49th & Mainthe German team carries great expectations Lonely Spring, who plays hyperkpunk and took part in the German Eurovision final, shitpunks have the potential to be a sensation Joe & The Shitboys from the Faroe Islands, and the local musical banner will be carried by a band, for example Good Times Only.

The final day of the festival, i.e. on Saturday May 4th will be mainly characterized by bold booking and talents who are currently selling out club halls across the country. Among them is, for example, a native of Starč in the Highlands Horns and the recent winner of the Angels McGeewho last year excited the fans and professional community with a sensitive record About dad who fell asleepthe djent-core sensation will also get a chance to draw more attention to itself Several.

“I believe that after the festival this year we will all add new musical discoveries to our playlists. I am convinced that the music program this year is perhaps the best in all these years. I am glad that we have invited young playwrights who are closest to our audience to our team. I believe that everyone will find something at the festival this year,” says the producer of the United Islands of Prague festival Martin Voňka.

Islands of inspiration

It will not be missing during all festival days the popular non-musical program Islands of Inspiration. He took over the dramaturgy of the entire non-musical program this year association team Thanks for letting mewhich is behind, for example, the traditional event held every year on November 17 on Národní třída.

It is worth mentioning the presentation of the embassies as part of the celebration of 20 years of the Czech Republic in the EU, live podcasts, a special exhibition Opráski českí historje, staged readings with Adam Gebrian, Ladislav Zibura and many others or a great debate about twenty years without borders.

“We are glad that the United Islands of Prague festival invited us to create a non-musical program. When implementing it, we make use of our many years of dramaturgical experience and put it together in such a way that it is as beneficial as possible for visitors of all age categories,” he adds to the creation of the non-musical program Ester Valtrováprogram manager of the association Thanks that I can.

Interesting organizations, human rights initiatives, associations from Prague 1, workshops, museums and cultural institutions will also get their space. There will also be a rich gastronomic offer, food trucks and bars with a wide range of non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages.

From May 1 to 4, the artists will perform on 23 stages, either on open stages on Strělecký ostrov, Slovanské ostrov near Žofín or on Janáček embankment, or in 10 clubs, to which the Thursday club scene is also returning this year. For the first time ever, the festival will visit, for example, Ďáblic, Holešovice, Palmovka, Anděl or Jižní město. Traditionally, it will be played at, for example, Jazz Dock, the Chapeau Rouge club or the FAMU club.

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24/04/2024 | Lea Uherková
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